Maybe you are built for the city life or for the outdoors; maybe you’re a combination of the two. Either way, why would you not want a customized off-road expedition vehicle? Classic Overland does not believe in limiting yourself. We go out of our way to make the inaccessible, accessible. We’re here to help you customize your Overlanding experiences by giving you the platform to buy, restore, upgrade or modify your own Defender to suit your needs.

These beautiful beasts were built to meet and beat any challenge presented by the roughest terrain. In other words, they were designed to push the limits. Our services assist in combining leisure with adventure. Sometimes it might just be changing your upholstery or a refurbishing job in order to go anywhere, comfortably. Similarly, if you’re setting out for a lengthy camping trip you could have a home on wheels with space for storage and an area to accommodate sleeping. Or, even roof racks to transport your tent, kitchen gear and mattress.

What are you Looking for?

When it comes to your customized off-road expedition vehicle, we’re sure you have some ideas. If you want a soft top so you can cruise along coastal roads or beaches through an endless summer, we’ll make sure you are always prepared for a surf or fishing session. Maybe you need something a little more practical for building or farming, for example, in which case we have the tools to add or change features to make your Defender a utility vehicle. For example, this could include installing a flat cabin floor, wide pedals or even an extendable filler spout. Sometimes you just need a little revitalizing to smooth out any bumps in the road to your camping destination.

More so, muscle can be added to your Defender with specially chosen hoods or extended wheel arches. Cosmetic upgrades mean that your vehicle will not only be functional, but it’ll ensure that each escapade will be uniquely executed.

In addition, always set out on your journey fully prepared. If your Defender is filled with the camping features of your choice and personalized to make it look good whilst roughing it, you’re ready to go.

One of our Series III models, Union Jack, was completely restored to include an eclectic rooftop design. Our Loerie had a Puma hood, Kenwood SATNav and sound system installed. The cherry on top was adding wolf rims, wheel arches and a custom color-coded grille.

Restoration, craftsmanship, opportunity. Classic Overland will help you create your dream, no matter how extreme. If you’re hungry for more, check out some of our previous builds.