There are many answers to this question. The obvious being custom Defenders are for those who love exploring rugged terrain and finding new places. Another reason would be that the vehicles off-road 4×4 skills. While these may be true, here’s why our Classic Overland Defenders are of infinite worth…

New versus old: Just not the same…

Over the years, custom Defenders have become a symbol of exploration. The original classic Defender was produced in the 1980s. This means that this icon has been offering off-road adventure for about 33 years spanning from 1983 to 2016. The production of one of the most iconic off-road vehicles out there is more than just about the vehicle itself, but about the journey. The Defenders initially produced in the US were of a small-scale resulting in production taking place around the world. It wasn’t long before the production of the Classic Defender was deferred, making Defenders become more of a collector’s item.

The thrill one gets from putting your climb and descent skills to the test is the fun part. Being able to manoeuvre these classic vehicles along rugged embankments is mind-blowing. There may be new Defenders around, however, the look, heritage, and style of the original Defenders will always stand out.

As cars become curvier, shinier and more computerized, the boxy, angular Defender becomes even more sought after. It’s a rare jewel, and part of its appeal is that in a world full of trends, it remains a classic. Whether you’re into the outdoors or not, the Defender resonates with its loyal fan base. It continues to be sought out and driven by many.

At Classic Overland…

We take it upon ourselves to find only the finest of Defenders that are iconic and capable.

We work with you to ensure quality and care goes into all your renovations and that all extra features are perfectly fitted. Some unique features include Dyanmat soundproofing, which is used across all our vehicles to decrease road noise. All our Defenders come with new suspension, adding safety and the comforts of a smooth ride with a modern feel.

The reputation of classic Defenders is enough to make anyone fall in love with one of the world’s most capable off-road cars. We take care when making recommendations of these sought-after vehicles and work closely with our clients to ensure that what they drive away with is their dream Defender.

For many, the Defender is a fond memory of their childhood. For others, it could be a car which will allow you to create new memories. Whether you’re seeking thrill and adventure or maybe another way to get to work, this iconic car is what epic stories are made of.



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