There is something ironic about sitting on a rock in the ocean at the tip of the Dark Continent. The African sun is so hot that it’s forcing me to seek relief in the ocean. However, the ocean is so cold, the only thing I see swimming are penguins. Nowhere else on earth do these elements so dramatically collide. what is overlanding

It wasn’t four weeks earlier in mid-December of 2014 where I had felt exactly the same way. Instead of sitting on a rock in Cape Town, I was sitting in an office in Atlanta, Georgia. Having spent years behind a desk, behind the wheel, or behind a reclined seat in coach trying to make a “career” for myself, I was torn. Do I continue with the daily grind or do I take the opportunity to join my girlfriend in her home of South Africa? What is overlanding

A new journey

As you can guess from this website, I chose the latter and have never been happier. It’s not that I quit working, in fact, those who know me best say they have never seen me so engaged in my trade. Putting in countless hours, paying close attention to every detail to create a company that represents the passion I feel. What is overlanding? It’s the self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal – not the final destination.In South Africa, the destination took on less meaning, and the journey began to define my life.

The adventure is closer than you think

At Classic Overland we are passionate about putting you behind the wheel of life. Everyone knows you can’t fly off to Napa Valley for a wine tasting every weekend or shoot up to Jackson Hole when the weather is right for fresh tracks. But what about the countless adventures within a three-hour drive where you call home? What if everything you needed to amplify that experience was in the very vehicle you used to get there? The Land Rover Defender has been the epicenter of overland adventure since its inception and we are proud to bring this experience to the greatest country in the world that has countless miles of untamed adventure in every nook and cranny begging you to enjoy every mile to the fullest.

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