When driving your restored Land Rover Defender, you should have a soundtrack to enhance the adventure. The original Land Rover Defender did not really see sound system quality as a priority. However, these days, you can get the best system, specially customized for your restored off-road companion. 

We share a few tips on how you can upgrade your restored Land Rover Defender’s sound system so that you can belt out the tunes whether you are heading to the office or out into the wild.

1. Customize Your Defender’s Speakers

To be frank, your restored Land Rover Defender wasn’t built with a quality sound system in mind. In fact, speakers are just about the last thing manufacturers thought about when designing a Land Rover Defender. And even though factory audio systems are a lot better than a couple of years ago, they still don’t always meet a sound snob’s expectations. 

However, you can solve this by replacing these standard speakers with custom speakers specially fitted for your Defender.

Replacing your speakers will give you maximum bang for your buck, so they’re a great first step on the road to a better sound system. 

2.  Use Soundproofing Dynamat

Fitting Soundproofing Dynamat into your restored Land Rover Defender will improve your sound system in two ways, namely:

1. Deadening Your Doors  

A door panel isn’t the best place for a speaker — because the thin metal vibrates as your music plays, which in turn affects the accuracy and quality of sound. Soundproofing Dynamat deadens those vibrations and creates a more stable platform for your speaker. 

2. Giving You Quality Sound 

You’ve probably noticed how your system sounds pretty decent at twenty-five miles per hour but gets a little harder to hear when you’re hitting sixty. This is because road noise tends to mask the lower frequencies first. So when you’re on the highway, you usually have to crank your stereo all the way up just to hear the lyrics. 

But, sound-deadening material lowers interior noise levels in your car, taking it to a whole new level of ‘drowning out the outside noise.’  

At Classic Overland, we fit every restored Land Rover Defender with soundproofing Dynamat, so you can have the best off-road experience possible. Just take a look at what we do with our signature builds

3. Protect and Preserve Your Sound System

As we mentioned before, car stereo equipment was not originally designed to withstand the rigors of what we put our Defenders through. So, when selecting a new sound system or speakers, you also have to consider how you can keep it in good condition. 

Your speakers should have plastic or otherwise waterproof and corrosion-proof cones. Vented enclosures are risky because moisture and dust can get in through the bass reflex port and damage the insides. Therefore, the enclosure must be waterproof. 

Wood enclosures should also be covered by fiberglass or otherwise sealed, or they will absorb moisture and deteriorate.

4. Amplify Your Sound System With Bluetooth Technology 

When travelling with your Defender to remote locations, you’re bound to run into a few signal issues. And if you’re solely relying on the radio to lighten your spirits, you may find yourself driving in silence when you need your road trip tunes the most. 

By modernizing your Defender with Bluetooth technology, you can play your favorite songs all the way to your destination. It enhances the environment inside of your 4×4 by using transmitters to stream music from iPods, MP3 players, and even satellite radio straight into the stereo. 

As one of the custom options at Classic Overland, we fit all our restored Defenders with an advanced entertainment system called the Kenwood Garmin Navigation System. Operated through Bluetooth technology, this provides you with clear and quality sound, regardless of where the road may take you. 

Turn up the Volume With Classic Overland 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to rock out to your favorite band, or just shut out the outside world. As you make your way to a remote location, having quality sound in your Defender is the cherry on top of an otherwise exciting road trip.

At Classic Overland, we care about your Defender’s interior quality just as much as we do its exterior. So you can trust us to provide you with an off-road vehicle that performs. And one that provides you with comfort and convenience through and through. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you upgrade your interior, so you can keep going further. 

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