When we customize an Overlander Defender, we do more than just make it ‘shinier.’ We’ve all seen motorhomes and deluxe RVs that even the pickiest of people could live in comfortably. But, nothing quite matches up to what we’ve done with the Stanley Crane Edition Defender. 

With a custom-made pop-top roof and a vintage interior, we have created a dream home on wheels, ready to take you across the globe. Read below as we talk about how we brought this Defender to life and why it’s the perfect companion for your Overlanding adventures

The Paradise Crane: The Stanley Blue Crane

South Africa’s national bird, and as elegant-looking as a swan, the Stanley Crane is a sight to behold. With its elongated neck and pale blue/grey exterior, it stalks proudly across the grasslands of southern Africa. Although it’s a social bird, it prefers to nest in high elevation grasslands with fewer disturbances. 

The Stanley Crane takes flight by running fast and then taking off with the powerful and steady beats of its wings. It’s also known as a bird that ‘dances’ because it usually bows, jumps, and flaps its wings at any given moment. 

This powerful yet curious creature inspired our home on wheels, the Stanley Crane Edition Defender. And just like the bird, this Overlander Defender will take you to new heights. 

Spreading Wings: The Stanley Crane Defender Exterior

The Stanley Crane Edition comes in an immaculate Heritage Marine Blue, demanding to be seen as it flies over any kind of terrain on which you may find yourself. 

As we mentioned, the Stanley Crane is known to be a ‘dancing’ bird, and we’re happy to tell you that this Overlander Defender has got some moves too. With newly fitted BFG A/T tires, the 4×4 is pretty light on its wheels while still being able to navigate you through the toughest turns.  

Fun fact: warriors of the amaXhosa Tribe in southern Africa used to wear feathers of the Stanley Crane whenever they went into battle. In their community, the feathers represent honor, and so we find it fitting that our Defender embodies the valor of this magnificent bird. 

Spending Your Overland Nights Under the Stars: The Pop-Top Roof 

Not only is a pop-top roof one of the trendiest modifications for safari adventures, but it’s also the most stylish way to convert your Defender into a home on wheels. This Overlander Defender is for the adventurer that’s in it for the long haul, who plans on diving deep into the outdoor experience. 

We know a pop-top roof looks like crafty work, but it’s actually a simple modification. We create a tent-like structure by basing its form according to the size and shape of the vehicle’s roof. This allows you to literally pop your roof open into a tent. 

The feature is also 100% reversible, should you want to restore your Defender back to its original form. But, after spending one night under the stars in the wilderness, we can assure you that you’ll never want to go back. 

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Your Four-Wheeled Nest: The Stanley Crane Interior

This Defender’s interior will have you feeling like you’ve flown straight into the Stanley Crane’s nest. With orange and brown leather seats, black stitching detail, and wooden accents, don’t be surprised if you find a few of these birds flocking to your 4×4 for the evening. 

It has a 2F – 2R seat configuration, a standard Land Rover dashboard, and an Alpine Entertainment system with a reverse camera feature. The interior’s vintage leather aesthetic will bring you a comforting, ‘homey’ feeling – something you’ll be thankful for if you plan on spending a good amount of time in the wild. 

Powered by a strong diesel engine, this 4×4 is ready to show you the world through mountain tops, secret coves, and the most remote places on Earth. Finally, a vehicle that inspires you to live out your Overlanding dreams. 

Living for the Drive With Classic Overland

We believe in bringing life into Land Rover Defenders so that your Overlanding dream can come to life too! Each of our signature builds has a story to tell, and they are all bound to inspire the off-roader looking for a new way to embrace adventure. 

Build your Defender with us and spend your days living for the next road trip, the next turn, and the next night under the glistening wilderness. 

Contact us today to find out how you can get your hands on the Stanley Crane Edition Defender, or build a dream Defender of your own! 


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