Since 1947 Land Rover had produced over 2 million Defenders, this is a whopping production line for a 4×4 model. The rugged and sturdy, eye-catching Defender made its mark across the globe. When it retired in 2016, there must have been an uproar among the nations. As Land Rover even had to bring it back in 2019. Of course, this time, a face-lift and mechanical overhaul were in order. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes the Land Rover Defender 110 pickup super unique.

The Defender 90 and 110, what is the difference?

The Defender 90 is a smaller two-door model, and the 110 is the bigger variant with four doors. Almost everything in the difference comes down to their sizes and capacities.

Because the two models have minimal differences, we break it down here by unpacking the Defender 110 pickup 4×4.

The appealing design factor

The Defender 110 pickup 4×4 is different to look at if you compare it to the round-shaped vehicle bodies of today. Onlookers cannot miss its boxy profile with full-length bonnets, round headlamps, and one-piece windscreens.

A legend character

A military, boisterous personality shines through, and for some reason, the popularity of this look never seems to fade. Many would say it is timeless, and at Classic Overland, we totally agree. That is why rebuilding these models to suit today’s lifestyle is our passion.

Long-standing history quick facts
  • The original Land Rover was born after World War 11, and it was a mix between a farm tractor and a Willys Jeep, which made it a perfect combination of elements of each of these vehicles. The tray-back pickup style Defenders were notorious for farmers, but their production numbers were noticeably low. Therefore finding a Defender pickup that hasn’t been hard at work can be hard to come by.
  • When the Land Rover Defender came out, it was difficult to tell it apart from the Land Rover Series III. The Series III shared similar aluminum paneling and almost identical engines. However, the Defender distinguished itself with a new grille and a longer bonnet.
Custom ideas for a Defender 110
  • A Defender 110 can seat up to 10 individuals, depending on the seating layout. You can maximize the seating for your passengers to enjoy wildlife expeditions and site seeing. Better yet, choose captain seating for luxurious comfort or leave the rear space for whatever goods you want to carry.
  • More vehicle space in the Defender 110 means an additional external roll cage space and a more extensive roof rack. Here you can store items like kayaks, bikes, or even surfboards. Want to go over the top? You can even install a custom rooftop tent on your Defender 110 custom build.
  • Turn your Defender 110 into the Defender 110 pickup. This will allow for a smaller wheelbase of the 110 with shorter rear room space for equipment.
The forever vehicle

The classic Defender lineage of 74 years speaks volumes. With its extreme functionality and sentimental appeal, there is no doubt that it will be around for years to come.

Kit out your Defender or find one to enhance your lifestyle

Classic Overland creates custom Land Rover Defenders designed with your specifications and personality in mind, from top to bottom. Our team of experts will guide you through the various exterior and interior options to create the perfect build.

Contact us at Classic Overland today to rebuild a Land Rover Defender 110 pickup of your own!

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