If you visit a farm, you will more than likely spot tractors, operating machinery, and livestock. But a good ol’ farming truck will also always be in sight. Do not be surprised if it is a Land Rover Defender, the iconic box-shaped vehicle. Although it went out of production in 2016, it certainly lived up to its name as an off-road conqueror. The ability to handle the roughest terrain makes it perfect for the farming life. Even today, with a Defender rebuild.

The farming life

There is no doubt that a day in the life of a farmer is tough. Duties include planting, fertilizing, harvesting, feeding, and herding groups of animals, to name a few of the heavy labor-intensive tasks. If you are a farmer, you will know what we are talking about. Especially getting through a day to reap the harvest.

Having the right machinery to get the job done

One thing is for sure, the farming life is that much easier with the correct operating farm equipment and vehicles. With a rugged, durable, and dependable vehicle like the classic Defender, any farmer can easily tackle agricultural responsibilities.

Towing capabilities

Towing is a critical job when it comes to a functional farm vehicle. While tractors can tow almost anything, having a van or pick-up truck that can tow up to 3,500kgs is ideal. For example, hauling livestock is a necessity. Suppose you need to make a 40-mile round trip and take cattle to the market? Then your Defender will make it a smoother and quicker ride. The luxury like listening to music or resting your back in comfortable interiors can’t come close in a tractor.

Off-roading the farmland

Whether wet and rainy, mud or hilly terrain, Defenders have no problem meandering over surfaces. This driving capability is a dream when you need to travel acres of land to supervise grazing livestock.

The low-range driving mode comes in handy for tricky terrains, like steep hills or down steep descents. Consider engaging low-range gear for extra torque, particularly driving over soft sand, high ground, or rocky steps. We recommend using 4L as per the symbols on your gear shift. 4L will give you that extra boost when challenging ascent.

Loading area advantages

Ample loading space to fill your vehicle with bags of corn, fresh veg, hay bales, or even livestock is a must. No matter what you need to carry, with Classic Overland, there is a Defender that fits the bill. With an average loading length of 1470mm and a height of 1160mm, you can carry what you need to without making another trip. Height specs are, however, dependent on the model you choose.

Fuel cost accountability

Knowing your miles per gallon and the fuel price is crucial for a farmer. This cost affects your bottom line, especially when running a busy farm. Choosing a diesel version of the Defender will give you around 30mpg. A pretty good savings compared to most pick-up trucks on the market today.

Invest in a Defender rebuild

If you are looking for a vintage workhorse for farming, then you have come to the right place. At Classic Overland, we go to great lengths to find quality Land Rover Defenders. The farming life takes a certain kind of person. Let your 4×4 match that person. View our signature builds or build your own.

Contact us today and let us make your dream farming vehicle!

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