Defenders are, without a doubt, 4x4s with loads of personality. Furthermore, at Classic Overland, our African-inspired signature builds speak for themselves. But did you know that the color of your rebuilt Land Rover Defender can say loads about you, too? Let’s see how and why this is true.

Basic black

The color black certainly is definitely a classic. And is a color that isn’t likely to go out of fashion any time soon, judging by its enormous popularity throughout the ages. Moreover, if black is your preferred 4×4 vehicle color, then you’ll no doubt be used to being the center of attention. From royalty to heads of state, black is THE color if you want to exude status, prestige, and style. Take our Drongo Edition, for example. This special Classic Overland Edition looks as cool as it sounds. Ride like the wind with this classic black Defender, and keep doing you. 

Winsome white 

White vehicles speak of simplicity. By no means boring (or washed-out), white Defenders are the epitome of perfection, serenity, and calm. Moreover, if you’re the owner of a white 4×4, you tend to know what you want and won’t compromise to get there either. Perfectionism is what drives you. Some would say you’re a trendsetter of sorts. You keep up with the times and know what’s in when you see it. In fact, white vehicles trumped black in 2020 (albeit marginally, but it was a win nonetheless). 

Or why not combine the best of both worlds and get our classic Zebra edition instead? With this classic signature edition, you can ride to nowhere and beyond effortlessly in classic style to boot. But, suppose you’re planning on Overlanding in Africa, for example. In that case, a white rebuilt Land Rover Defender is more likely to withstand the intense tropical heat you’re likely to encounter on the other side of the world. 

Brilliant blue

If the color blue speaks more to you, then you’ll instinctively get why it’s generally the most popular vehicle color worldwide. Owners of blue cars are fun-loving, fun-living motorists with more of a playful side than most. As far as the different shades of blue go from light to darker to darkest, a driver’s temperament is likely to change with it. Owners of darker blue trucks are authoritative and knowledgeable. And like our Blue Crane Edition, drivers of this signature build know how to paint the town blue while still looking smart while they’re at it. 

Sublimely silver

Adore silver? Then you’re in good company, as silver makes the top five as far as color choice goes. Furthermore, if you can’t imagine life without a silver truck by your side, you won’t have to, as silver is likely to become the color of this century and beyond. And if you prefer to ride in the extreme outdoors, a silver 4×4 is an excellent choice for rough and dirty trails as you probably won’t notice streaks, splashes, and splodges when you ride like nobody’s watching. Take a look at our sublimely silver Goshawk Edition. It’s a truck that is as shiny as it is rough and tough. 

Genuine gray

Like silver, gray is another favorite amongst folk who prefer to keep it simple yet dignified. When it comes to the owner of gray 4x4s, these drivers tend to prefer practicality to flashiness. Although that’s not to say that owners of gray vehicles aren’t adventurous or daring. They just tend to be more decisive and determined during their outdoor escapades. Moreover, they set out to achieve the impossible while not letting much stand in their way, like the Tusker, for instance. 

Gentle green

Green Defender lovers are generally considered nature enthusiasts with a passion for the great outdoors. This gentle color is for the traditional and the non-traditional alike, depending on the shade you opt for. However, dark green Defenders (like their owners) prefer to blend in with their surroundings. While standing out might not be top of mind for green vehicle owners, they prefer sensibility over sassiness. Owners who choose the green route are as dependable as the green Defenders they rely on. Speaking of which, our trustworthy Wildebeest Edition is the dependable type. But it’s still got all the right moves. 

Colors that speak your language 

The color of your rebuilt Land Rover Defender may or not be an exact representation of your actual personality. Nonetheless, it still says something about your style and thirst for adventure. At Classic Overland, you’re sure to find a Defender that speaks your language (regardless of its color). 

So, contact us today for more Defender information! 

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