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Daily Drivers

At Classic Overland, we believe that if you make the investment to own a vintage Defender then you should be able to drive it on a daily basis. No expense is spared in building these vehicles from the ground up, with the very best parts to handle whatever elements you choose to drive them in. Whether it be Moab National Park or New York City’s concrete jungle, we’ve got you covered.

Staying true to the Defenders original roots Classic Overland offers a meticulous restoration of the original 3.5 V8 petrol or for those wanting diesel we offer 300 TDI. Our rebuilds are full off-chassis restorations with new undercarriage infrastructure, soundproofing, and suspension. The exterior body is immaculately redone with modern paint finishes that offer depth and character, while the interior offers a multitude of high-end fabrics and styling with the latest entertainment technologies. Our team at Classic Overland has been building and restoring Land Rover Defenders since their inception. We are keenly aware of where our competitors cut corners in the restoration process. You can be 100% confident that we prefer to go the extra mile to ensure our overland Defenders for sale are the very best.



Starting at $150,000.00

The Signature Build is a combination of traditional Land Rover power plants with performance enhancements and state-of-the-art amenities. Whether you prefer the gas-powered V8 or the diesel 300 TDIs, Classic Overland will build you an absolute head-turner that will run smoothly and reliably.

The interior of a Land Rover Defender


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