If you’re the outdoorsy type, looking for an adventure that spans entire mountain ranges or the plains of a South Africa safari, then a trip is exactly what you need.


While some might suggest a simple camping trip close to the edge of town. Sometimes, we need to drive out of cell phone range and leave behind the minutia of every-day life.




First, a fundamental component of your journey will be a safe and capable set of wheels. A custom-built truck guarantees your trip is tailored to your adventure style. Whether you’re after a rugged ride, a luxurious outfit, or a bit of bot. Your vehicle should be equipped to handle the trip of your dreams.

Why an overlanding trip?



As the city lights start to dwindle in the background and the humming of traffic fades, as the man-made objects slowly disappear, Mother Nature awaits and is ready to reconnect you with the beauty and simplicity of her home.

Being miles away from the city comes with a whole lot of excitement! From sleeping in the open air under the stars while the crickets, toads and other creatures sing you to sleep to epic sunrises and sunsets enjoyed with good food and great company.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! On an overlanding trip, adventure is everywhere, and there’s nothing holding you back from discovering and exploring.



Escaping into the wilderness takes us back to human basics.

Disconnect from the modern world and all its amenities and connect with nature and its wonders – this is what we love most about an overlanding adventure.

Being in the wild allows us to experience living a simpler life, with no online distractions and no work stress or interruptions. Things happen at a slower pace because, what’s the rush?

Campfires, BBQing, spotting wildlife out in the open; every moment is taken in and enjoyed to the fullest.



South African Safari

An overlanding journey is without any exaggeration; one of the most lifechanging encounters one can experience.

The excitement starts before the trip even begins. From inviting friends and family to tag along to packing the vehicles, charging the cameras and heading out into the wilderness in a Defender convey, with you as the master of your own destiny.

The excitement is such a build-up, and the outcome never disappoints.

Sitting around the campfire with friends and family while the kids and dogs enjoy playing in the open fresh air are moments we live for. And the real-life 360-degree view of sheer natural beauty is way better than watching it on television back home.

This outdoor experience is best shared with people that you love. It builds bonds in an environment where there are no distractions. It’s just you, your people (dogs included) and the presence of Mother Nature that makes a journey like this all the more worth it.



South Africa Safari

We’ve put together a few basic tips for you to take into consideration before heading out on your overland journey.




Make sure that you pack all the necessary safety equipment. Having the right vehicle recovery equipment and knowing how to use it can save you from a lot of tricky situations. A medical aid kit is another safety essential.




Find out as much as you can about the campsites you want to visit. Research and preparation go a long way to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.



Ensure you have a full tank of gas and enough jerry cans to get you to the nearest gas station when needed.



Pack warm clothes and closed shoes, even in the summer months. Early mornings and late nights are colder than you think.  




It’s not often that we get to escape the mundane 9-5 and the stresses of the modern world that we have created for ourselves.


Our advice to you is to enjoy logging off from technology and take in real live moments as they come. 




South Africa Safari

Humans are by nature, social creatures, so time around the campfire, in the car, or hiking is good for the soul. In a modern era where our views take us from laptop to phone to TV and whatever other screen, this is a welcoming change.

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