Camping with your pet is just the cherry-on-top of a successful off-road adventure. And we think most adventurers can agree that man’s best friend makes the best off-roading companion. 

We know it breaks your heart to leave your dog behind when you head off for a getaway. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. We’re giving you a few tips for off-roading and camping with your pet so that you can go on more adventures with your four-legged friend! 

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1. Make Your Off-Road Trip Pest-Free

You want to take your furry friend on an off-road adventure, not its fleas. So, it’s important to take pest-preventative measures before you head off for your journey. With exposure to the outdoors, other wildlife, and plants, you need to protect your dog from catching certain diseases. 

It’s a good idea to take a trip to the vet a bit before your trip and find out if there are any necessary vaccines you can give your pet to ensure it’s protected. Explain to the vet where you plan on travelling to and for how long, and see what they can recommend. 

Also, learn more about your dog’s breed and if it’s prone to certain diseases. This will also help you determine whether or not your destination is safe for your pet.  

2. Keep Your Pet Secure Whenever Your Defender is in Motion

Let’s be honest; our pets are kind of like our children. And it’s ultimately up to us to keep them safe and secure, especially whenever they accompany us. Keep in mind that the off-road paths you travel on are not as smooth as the highways and roads your dog could be used to. So, it would help if you secured your pet every time your car is in motion. 

Just as you wear a seatbelt, your pet needs a secure tethering system to prevent any accidents from occurring. Keep your dog safe with a harnessing system that works well with your Defender’s interior and safety system. 

3. Remember to Pack for Two (or More)

Depending on how far and for how long you plan on travelling, you need to pack enough supplies for your pet, just as you would for yourself. Clean water is probably the most important thing to remember when packing for your off-road trip with your furry friend. 

Since off-road adventures can often take you to remote or secluded places, having an adequate supply of all your necessities is essential. And even more so when your companion can’t really do the packing for himself.  

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4. Make Sure Pets are Welcome at Your Chosen Destination

As disappointing as it may be, some camping sites, trails, and getaway spots are not pet-friendly or don’t welcome pets. So make sure, before you get that tail wagging for an adventure, that your dog is allowed at your desired off-road destination. 

If your destination allows pets, there will most likely be protocols in place. Read up on them so you know what’s in store for you and your buddy when it’s time to set up camp.

5. Remember to Protect Your Pet From the Elements

Whether you’re camping in winter or summer, you need to ensure your pet isn’t too hot, or worse, too cold. Camping in winter can be great fun, but if you’re not welcoming your best bud into your tent for the evening, things could get a bit unpleasant for him. 

Bring a dog sleeping bag or dog jacket to keep your pet nice and warm throughout your stay at the campsite. And since your dog already has to deal with a whole bunch of fur, summer camping calls for heat-resistant gear.

6. If They’re Sleeping in Your Tent, Keep Them Clean 

We’re sure your furry friend loves ruffin’ it as much as you do, but you still want to keep your sleeping area as clean as possible. 

Avoid having muddy paw prints all over your sleeping bag by bringing some cleaning products for your pet and giving them a good wipe down whenever necessary. 

Let Buddy in on the Adventure Too

Our pets love us, and if they could, they’d go everywhere with us. So, why not take them on adventures that’ll get their tails wagging. 

By following these tips, you can bring your favourite friend on more off-road trips and make memories with a companion that’s as loyal as your Defender. 


Contact us today, and we’ll help you make your Land Rover Defender more pet-friendly. 





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