Rebuilding a Defender means putting your own personal stamp on it. At Classic Overland, we pride ourselves on refurbishing custom Defenders with your personal preferences in mind.  In addition to this, we believe our 4x4s have that extra X factor that distinguishes them from other mainstream trucks. You know, the kinds you’re likely to encounter off-road or on your next Overlanding adventure. But what defines a champion rebuilt Land Rover Defender for sale? We’re here to break down the best of the best rebuilt Defenders for sale. 

Our Classic Overland Signature Builds

Restored Defenders are our passion, as is our love for the African wild. And the majestic creatures that call this harsh yet hospitable environment their home. We’ve even got a name for these refurbished beauties, too – they’re known as our signature builds. Here’s why we’re so proud of them. 

African animals with attitude 

Looking at the African animals we’ve chosen to represent our signature builds at Classic Overland, you’ll see that each and every creature has specific features that make it stand out in the animal kingdom. It could be their resiliency to not only survive but thrive in the most inhospitable landscapes. Take a look at the Aardwolf, for example. Or it could be their sheer size, strength, and power to rule their domain. Like the African Tusker, for instance. However, even the littlest creature shouldn’t be discounted when it comes to this varied landscape. Take the Dassie, for example, a daring little creature that makes mountainous ledges its home, or the National Blue Crane that sweeps the African skies with its regal wings. These are but a few of the classic creatures that inspire us to design our Defender with a certain edge – or attitude, if you will. 

What a full-house refurbishment entails

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for what drives us to refurbish these boxy beasts, you may be wondering just what exactly a full-house refurbishment is. To say we leave no detail to chance is a bit of an understatement. In fact, we aim to customize your Defender to the nines while still maintaining the essence of the classic Land Rover Defender. 

From its repainted flashy exterior to its luxurious interior, let’s just say you’ll notice a Classic Overland signature build from afar. And so will everyone else too. In fact, our off-chassis restored Defenders are not only practically rebuilt with a higher suspension and a completely refurbished undercarriage, but you can also choose between a V8 3.5 petrol engine, or a 200/300 TDI diesel engine. Our Defenders also come with must-have Overlanding and offroading accessories that are easy on the eye, too. From roof racks to a pop-top roof to hardtops, we’d like to think we’ve covered ground when it comes to your next outdoor adventure. 

Of course, we couldn’t forget about a neat interior, either. From luxury leather seats to reverse cameras to subwoofers and under dash A/C Standard Heating, our trucks come with all the frills you might expect on a premium Land Rover Defender (but far cheaper). 

But if you’d prefer to do it yourself…

If you get your thrills out of creating your dream Defender yourself from scratch, we can assist you in your refurbishment project too. Furthermore, we’ll help guide you in your restoration project from beginning to end. We begin by sourcing and importing your second-hand Defender offshore, all the way from South Africa. We then register and handle all the importation paperwork for you. So that you receive a reliable, roadworthy Defender to rebuild to your heart’s content.

A restored Defender you can be proud of

Whether you choose to refurbish your Defender yourself. Or you choose to leave it in our capable hands to do it for you, one thing is for sure, you’ll have a restored Defender you can be proud of. 

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind rebuilt Land Rover Defender for sale, contact us at Classic Overland today. 

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