You and your Land Rover Defender Camper need more than just a couple of sleeping bags for a successful outdoor adventure. The art of camping requires patience, planning, and a whole lot of grilling (we’ll get to that later). And even when you’re taking on the wild in your trusty Defender, there are a few need-to-knows when it comes to preparing and setting up to ensure a memorable outdoor experience.

At Classic Overland, our desire to spend time in the outdoors grows stronger and stronger with each adventure. And we take pride in preparing our Defenders for outdoor getaways. And we find, the more we do it, the easier it becomes to take on the wild. Read below as we let you in on a few of our secrets to becoming a pro camper in your Defender. 

1. Prep and Plan So You Can Pack and Go

A successful camping weekend all boils down to how well you prepare and plan. Don’t be the adventurer who has intentions to get out and about more often but never makes it a reality. This year, the spring and summer months are your chance to test out the new camping gear you got for Christmas.

And why not use the cold winter months to research potential weekend getaways? By the time it comes to a Friday evening with a good weather forecast, and you are itching to get away, you’ll have done the homework already. This makes it a hundred times easier to pack up and go.

2. Always Keep Your Camping Equipment Together, Just in Case

If you have enough storage space, always keep your camping equipment together. And if you can store it in your Land Rover Defender Camper throughout the camping season, even better. There are only three things you should have to do if you decide to hit the road at the last minute; pack the vehicle, buy your food, and off you go. 

Being organized can be the difference between jumping into your Defender and taking off for the weekend or staying home and wishing you were sitting in the wilderness around a campfire.

One of the best ways to improve your Land Rover Defender Camper’s storage capacity is by adding a roof-rack. This way, you can easily store and access essential camping equipment, so setting up is a breeze when you reach the campsite. 

3. Sleep Under the Stars With Your Land Rover Defender Camper

A quality tent that’s easy to set up should be at the top of your list when it comes to camping. And what’s easier to set up than a rooftop tent? This custom option is a simple way to convert your Defender into the ideal camping vehicle.

Converting your rooftop into a tent simply involves using the original rooftop to base the tent structure. This creates an effect that physically allows your roof to ‘pop up’ into a tent. When done right, pop-top roofs are 100% reversible, should you want to restore your Defender to its original state.

Take a look at our signature build, the Stanley Crane. This Land Rover Defender camper is perfectly customized with a rooftop tent so you can sleep under the stars in the comfort of your 4×4.

4. Camping Makes You Hungry, So Always Bring Your Grill

One of the best parts of outdoor adventures is campfire cooking. And we have a grill that’s going to make this experience more convenient. The KUDU Grill is a versatile yet straightforward outdoor cooking stand, perfect for merely slinging it into the back of your Defender when you’re off to your favorite campsite. 

With it’s pack up and go convenience, you can be grilling your campfire favorites after a long drive to your destination. Visit our friends at KUDU Grills and choose from an array of outdoor cooking tools designed to make your adventures hassle-free. 

Become a Seasoned Camper With Classic Overland 

The more you venture outdoors with your Defender, the better you’ll become at adventuring. Every second we spend in the wild inspires us to explore and travel beyond what we know. 

The sooner you get out there, the sooner you can perfect the art of camping and last-minute adventures. So pack up your camping gear and head off before the next winter season! 

Contact us to find out how we can help you build a Defender best suited to your outdoor needs.  


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