Allow us to introduce you to a Land Rover 110 inspired by one of Africa’s most magnificent creatures, The Kameelperd Edition Defender. The Kameelperd, most commonly known as the giraffe, is the world’s tallest living terrestrial animal. And it graces the African plains with its spotted coat.

As an animal known for its poise, our restored Defender embodies the agility and strength of this majestic beast. Read below as we get into how our Land Rover 110 came to life. And why the Kameelperd was the perfect inspiration to help us complete another one of our many restoration journeys. 

The Gentle Giant of Africa: The Kameelperd

The Kameelperd is superior in its stance. With its legs already taller than a human (often over six feet), it strolls proudly through the Sahara, sharing a view of Africa with the birds. It can run as fast as thirty-five miles per hour. It can do so for relatively long distances and is usually known to run away from a fight. 

However, you shouldn’t mistake this mammal’s kindness for weakness. One kick from the Kameelperd can seriously injure or even kill a predator that dares to attack it or its young. 

This beast spends most of its life on its feet, honoring the grace and agility it’s well-known for. It even sleeps on its feet, only napping for five to thirty minutes at a time. And just like this gentle giant, our Kameelperd Edition Defender was built to take you everywhere, ‘standing up’. 

Wear Your Spots Proudly: The Kameelperd Edition Defender Interior

The most distinctive feature of the Kameelperd is its gorgeously leopard-like spotted coat. In fact, its scientific name, Giraffa camelopardalis, derives from the ancient Greek belief that it looks like a camel wearing a leopard’s skin. 

And as you step into our signature build Land Rover 110, it connects you to the giant of the African plains. The Kameelperd Edition interior features custom Saddle Brown and Black leather seats, perfectly resembling this beautiful animal’s coat. 

Upfront, the Defender features a Land Rover PUMA Walnut dashboard and a vintage gauge cluster. All in all, sitting in the driver’s seat of the Kameelperd Edition Defender will have you itching for your next safari adventure

Blend Into the Grasslands: The Kameelperd Edition Defender Exterior

Our Kameelperd Defender is a Land Rover 110 built to take you to the Sahara’s most remote parts. With a newly fitted TDI 300 engine, you can be sure you’re working with as much horsepower in your 4×4 as the Kameelperd is in its kick. 

Its subtle yet bold Tesla Green exterior will help you blend right into the wild. So when you’re on your next African safari, you can get close enough to experience a real Kameelperd in all its magnificence. And you’ll need something to keep up with an animal that gallops at thirty-five miles per hour. So, the Kameelperd Defender comes with all-terrain BFG M/T tires. 

The Kameelperd Defender also features a custom Roll Cage. It’s the perfect Overlanding accessory for those longer off-road trips, where you’re bound to travel through a few rocky or uneven paths. It keeps your items safe and secure, no matter what kind of terrain you’re tackling. 

Why We Love Turning Defenders Into Four-Wheeled Animals

We are fiercely passionate about our signature builds. They represent the love we have for restoring classic 4x4s and giving them new life. We live to see the look on a client’s face when we present them with their better-than-new off-road companion. And even more so, we love making your off-roading dreams a reality. 

Africa and its magnificent beasts are what drives us to create unforgettable Land Rover Defenders. The Kameelperd Edition Defender honors the African Giraffe’s captivating elegance and inspires us to keep on adventuring. 

Build Your Off-road Dream With Classic Overland

Building dreams has never been this simple — and fun! Our team at Classic Overland is here to materialize any vision you have for your ideal off-road companion. The Kameelperd Edition Defender and the rest of our signature builds are only frameworks of what we can do for you. 

We’re here to offer you a completely transparent process where you decide how we transform your Defender. The best part is that we believe in keeping all the things you love about your classic 4×4 intact. And simply restoring and adding features that can make your off-road adventures more convenient. 

Contact us today, and we’ll talk you through our restoration processes and how we can help you build the Defender of your fantasies. 


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