Are you looking for a Land Rover Overland vehicle that will turn heads? Our African Hoopoe Edition Defender is a Burnt Orange Crew Cab that will catch eyes at every bend. Big, bold, and just downright cool, this Land Rover is as beautiful as the bird that inspired it. 

At Classic Overland, we pride ourselves in building one-of-a-kind Land Rover Overland vehicles. We build the kind that inspires us, and most of all, our clients, to live for adventure. As we take a look at another one of our projects, you’ll understand why Africa and its wonderful beasts fuel us to create your dream on wheels.   

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages: The African Hoopoe 

If you’ve ever seen the African Hoopoe, it’s not hard to guess why it inspires our signature build. Bold, bright, and a funky hairdo, this bird is a sight to behold with a cinnamon coat that will have you do a double-take. 

With a personality that is, for lack of a better word, peculiar, it’s exactly why it inspires our Defender. Open, dry, and bushy regions are their habitats of choice, where there is plenty of room for a life of solitude. Not a socialite, you will often find this bird in pairs or alone. But, hey, we love a lone wolf. 

The African Hoopoe’s flight pattern is often erratic, with irregular wing beats. However, when in the face of danger, it soars high into the sky to escape its predator. There is no doubt this beast has gusto, and like our Land Rover Defender, it’s more than just a pretty face.

The Coolest Crew Cab: The African Hoopoe Edition: 

The African Hoopoe Edition is a beautiful, daredevil Crew Cab ready to take you on exciting adventures and look good doing it. Reminiscent of the African Hoopoe’s signature cinnamon plumage, the 4×4’s exterior boasts a bold Burnt Orange paint job and contrasting Santorini Black accents.

Take flight with this Land Rover Overland vehicle, featuring BFG/AT tires and Sawtooth 16” wheels. You can’t help but notice this truck with its Halogen headlights and a half truck bed perfect for taking your pals on the joyride of a lifetime. 

The African Hoopoe, known for its distinctive cry, makes a sound like ‘Hooo Pooo,’ which it repeats 3 or 4 times. But rest assured, although similar in appearance, your Land Rover won’t be making these sounds. Instead, thanks to its Repowered 200 TDI Diesel engine, you’ll have all the horsepower and a smoothing sounding machine. 

A Nest You Can Take Anywhere: The African Hoopoe Edition Interior 

The African Hoopoe builds its nest in trees, under houses, boulders, abandoned termite nests, and nest boxes. An innovator, this bird knows how to work with what it’s got. As is the same for our African Hoopoe Edition, only we’ve given it a lot!  

Its interior gives off the same feel as the exterior, welcoming you with Burnt Orange and Santorini Black leather seats. Keeping it classic and true to Land Rover roots, the interior has a great balance between vintage and restored. It features a standard Land Rover dashboard, accompanied by an Alpine 7” LCD w/ Reverse Camera. 

With this Land Rover Overland, you have the best of both worlds. Joyride with the guys? Or a family trip with the kids? The African Hoopoe Edition can do it all because it’s got the space. With its 2F – 2R seat configuration, and let’s not forget about the truck bed, your off-road adventures are about to become even more exhilarating. 

How do I Get My Hands on This Beautiful Beast?

Built to push limits, our Land Rover will take you further. You can have your dream on wheels; whether it’s the African Hoopoe Edition, or something completely different, we can make it happen. We build and restore every Land Rover Overland with a heart and passion for adventure – no matter what that may look like for you. 

It’s all as simple as giving us a call or sending an email and telling us what you need. And through dedication and collaboration, we’ll see you driving off to your next destination in a Land Rover specifically built to take you there and anywhere. 

Build A Dream on Wheels With Classic Overland 

At Classic Overland, every project is a chance for us to fall in love with the process of restoring Land Rovers. We see it as giving a new life to a Land Rover Overland that isn’t ready to give up just yet. By bringing your four-wheeled companion to us, you’re creating an opportunity to create more off-roading memories. 

Contact us today, and we’ll help you get to your next destination in a 4×4 built for adventure. 

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