The beauty of off-roading is that you can do it all year round – including when it snows! Sure, you’ve definitely got to be more cautious than usual. And prepared for the unexpected. But it still can be exciting, not to mention a little thrilling too. Here are our top tips on how to enjoy driving in the snow with a Land Rover 90 – safely!

Don’t go it alone

Venturing into the unknown alone with your Land Rover 90 is not for the faint-hearted. After all, there are so many unknowns that might get you into a spot of trouble – no matter how experienced you may be. Therefore, it makes sense to have a travel buddy not far behind you in bleak weather conditions should you need help in an emergency.

Get snow-savvy 

It makes sense to brush up on your knowledge on all things snow-related before embarking on such a daring trip. Just so that you’re prepared for any eventuality. Moreover, navigating your way through snowfall can be a tricky thing depending on the type of snow you’ll need to drive in, through, and over. For instance, while you might find it easier to traverse in fresh snow, driving on thinner icier snow is a bit more challenging. Of course, we’re referring to driving over popular snow trails that many others have traveled over too.

Furthermore, if you happen to take on these popular routes, you can expect to see deep ruts in the snow. So, you should ensure that you stay within these ‘demarcations’ as much as possible. Moreover, you can expect to countersteer in some of these situations to take these tilts into account. Because veering off these tracks can cause your truck to tilt – which is not the ideal situation if you’re traveling over particularly precarious terrain, for example.

You’ll need the appropriate gear

When traveling in snowy conditions, you’ll definitely need to have the appropriate gear with you, such as a shovel, for instance. This is necessary, of course, to get you out of a rock and a hard place- literally. Furthermore, you can use this handy gadget to help dig you out of a sticky situation should your wheels become buried in a mound of snow. 

Winches are another thing to take note of. Having a functional winch fitted to your Defender could mean the difference between getting out of a tricky situation soon after it occurs and waiting for hours to get dislodged from the dirt. As far as these essential details are concerned, we’ve got you covered, as our signature builds already come fitted with this must-have accessory. Furthermore, make sure that your recovery points are easily identifiable on the rear or front of your truck for when help arrives. 

The right tires are just as important too 

If you’re considering taking on snow, having the right tires is as important as anything else you deem essential for your trip. Tires not only impact your ride quality. But they could also be a safety concern if the wrong tires (or the wrong tire pressure) are used to drive with. Here, you’ll probably want to skip all-terrain tires for snowy conditions. Instead, you’ll want to opt for mud or hybrid terrain tires. These will give you sufficient traction to cut through snow easily while still maintaining a steady grip on its surface. In addition to this, hybrid or mud tires will provide you with the mobility you need to push on strong. 

You’ll also need to pay attention to your tire pressure. Strictly speaking, the lower the tire pressure, the better (around 20 pounds of air pressure should be sufficient). Again, it’s about striking that perfect balance between tires that are firm. But still lenient enough to distribute your tire footprint as wide as needed to be able to get the right amount of traction you’re looking for. But don’t forget to include an air tank in your gear to air up your tires for when you eventually hit the dirt road again. 

Snow driving techniques you’ll need to get a grip on 

Always maintain a safe following distance between your vehicle and the next. Because as we know, snow and ice can get slippery real quick, and the last thing you want is to rear-end the truck in front of you. 

Don’t brake too fast or too hard

When driving over snow and ice, also take care not to brake too fast or too hard, as this can cause your brakes to lock. And if your brakes lock suddenly, this can cause you to skid in the direction you’re already headed in. Rather, brake slowly if necessary or use a lower gear to bring your speed down gradually. 

Enjoy a snow-filled trip with a Classic Overland Defender

Again, off-roading in the snow can be just as fun as traveling over your more typical, more ordinary terrain. Enjoy the snow even more than you thought you would with a Land Rover 90 Defender. 

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