There’s nothing like off-road driving into the unknown, to some untouched location where the air and everything surrounding you feels different. And what’s more, using your Defender to get you there is what makes the adventure that much more exciting. However, traveling to remote locations also requires a bit more preparation than your typical road trip. 

The most important thing you can do is make sure that you and your vehicle are prepared for the road ahead. And, this means more than just remembering to pack in extra toilet paper. Read below as we tell you what you need to know when you and your Land Rover travel beyond the paved road. 

6 Things to Know About Off-Road Driving to Remote Locations 
1. Your Overlanding Accessories Can be Your Make or Break 

Although we’re sure your off-road accessories are useful for your run-of-the-mill Overlanding, some of them may affect your vehicle’s performance when traveling to or in a remote location. 

For example, a heavy bullbar weighs down the front end of your vehicle, while a long-range fuel tank changes the center of gravity. Your Defender is a big guy and already heavy enough with your supplies, extra fuel, and water. 

With off-road driving, you want to be selective with your accessories and avoid adding excessive weight that may get you, quite literally, stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

2. Effective Tools for Communication Are Lifesavers

As you’ve probably already suspected, signal or internet connection in remote places is more often than not dismal. However, with off-road driving, you still need to have a way to keep in contact with civilization in case you need help. 

You may still be able to use your mobile phone in more settled regions; however, when off-road driving to remote locations getting a strong signal may be hard to do when you are out of range. 

Making use of a two-way radio or satellite phone gives you better peace of mind when traveling out into the wild. 

3. Choosing the Right Tires Help, A lot 

This is general knowledge for any off-roader. Choosing the appropriate tires for certain conditions will provide smoother sailing (driving) on your off-road driving trip. Unfortunately, some tires just don’t do well in different elements, and you don’t want to find that out the hard way. 

For instance, wide tires are not suitable for driving on wet roads but work well when driving in sand. Your air pressure will also be an essential factor to consider. 

To know the difference, keep track of your tires’ air pressure when you drive on different surfaces. If you’re driving to a location where you’ll have to drive over multiple surfaces, bring an electric air pump along. 

4. Being Aware of the Risks Makes You Feel More Prepared 

Off-road driving wouldn’t be as fun if you knew about every twist and turn, but it does help to be aware of what obstacles to look out for. 

Keep track of the weather conditions a few days or a week before you start your off-road journey. This will help you know what to pack and what you’ll need to tackle the elements

If you can, call ahead to local visitor centers and find out about any possible hazards or even routes to avoid. We promise this won’t take the thrill out of your adventure; it’ll actually give you more confidence to take on the challenge with your Defender. 

5. Bringing a Friend Along Doesn’t Make You Less Cool 

No matter how experienced you are in off-road driving, traveling to a remote place alone is not advisable. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good solo trip, but to places a bit closer to home. 

Even if you know the route you’re traveling on, routes change all the time. So, wherever you go off-road, you may face an unexpected obstacle. 

Let a buddy and his Defender tag along for the ride; you’ll be safer and enjoy the company. 

6. You May Encounter a Few Beasts, Be Courteous 

Just because it’s a remote location doesn’t mean you’re alone. The wild residents may choose to travel on the same path as you. Since you’re a visitor, it only seems fair to give them the right of way. 

Remember to slow down when driving through bushy tracks. 

Go Far and Wide in Your Bespoke Defender 

At Classic Overland, we live for exploring the unknown, and we build Defenders that help us do just that. Traveling to remote locations is exhilarating and often the best form of off-road driving. However, being spontaneous doesn’t have to mean being unprepared. 

Follow these tips and add your own to create a successful off-road trip into the world’s most beautiful places. 

Contact us today, and you’ll be exploring in the comfort of a Defender made just for you. 

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