When looking at a Classic Overland Upland Series set against the striking backdrop of the African landscape, it’s hard not to notice just how picture-perfect it is.

This vehicle forms part of the iconic picture in most people’s minds when they think about safari trips. We could even go as far as to say that it’s the mascot for adventure – combining the heritage of the Land Rover Defender and the luxury lifestyle of an old school safari.

But what if we dropped the same vehicle in a family ranch or plantation? Some might say that it seems a little out of place, but we’d have to disagree. Here’s why:


Pull up to the football game in the parking lot; unfold the chairs, light the BBQ and crack open a cold one. Nothing could be better, right?

Well imagine this:

While we love lighting the grill in the parking lot and all the pre-game excitement, our favorite way to tailgate requires a few key components: views, space and freedom. Three things you’re guaranteed to have in abundance when taking a Classic Overland Upland Series out into the wilderness for an epic experience.

With miles of empty space around you, you can play music as loud as you want. You can understand the magic of the favorite South African past time – having sundowners – enjoying a drink in the outdoors while you’re inside, next to, or on top of your truck, taking in the sunset over breathtaking views.


There’s no better way to tour than in an open-air vehicle.

This one’s for the passionate wildlife and landscape photographers. The new Upland Series provides easy access for all passengers -with uninterrupted 360° views, and the freedom to go anywhere you choose – whether it’s a ranch tour, a drive to the dam, or a mountain meander.

The new Land Rover Upland Series is fitted with enough USB charging stations so you can charge your phones and cameras. This gives everyone enough time to capture those National Geographic-worthy moments.


new land rover

The Upland is a hunter’s dream. It has a custom option for dog kennels, so you can take man’s best friend for a day upland hunting.

That means no more exceptionally long hikes with the hounds. Instead, experience a relaxing drive to your destination where you can set out on your adventure, fresh and ready for the hunt.

When the hunt is done, there’s enough space in the rig for the BBQ and a few cold ones.

With a combination of tailgating, booze cruising, BBQing, and hunting, we’d say this car truly captures living the American dream.

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  • Bernie Lanigan
    Posted 27th September 2020

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