Are you thinking about buying a new defender? Well, you’re on the ‘right track’. People seek power in everything — especially in their cars. Whether you’re looking for sophisticated sunset drives or exhilarating off-road adventures, the Land Rover Defender can take you anywhere.

People buy cars for different reasons; however, it all comes down to convenience and personal needs. There is no automobile more diverse, more classy and more ‘rough around the edges’ than the Defender. We want you to make the Land Rover Defender your next car purchase, and here’s why:

1. Owned by the Rich and Famous 

We know sports car brands like Ferrari and Lamborgini have set the bar pretty high, but people also associate ‘off-road’ vehicles and trucks with wealth and luxury. The Land Rover Defender is one of the most highly-favoured cars owned by the rich and famous. 

Considering the vehicle-buying habits of the wealthy, sports cars may not hold the same status as they once did. Land Rovers could be the new symbol of wealth, and ‘looking rich’ is becoming more affordable for us mortals.  

The new Defender 110 will also be making another appearance in the latest James Bond movie; No Time To Die. The automobile was tested and pushed to the limit by the stunt team, setting new standards for its off-road capabilities and resilience.  

2. Ease and Convenience

The newest Defender models represent almost seventy years of safety innovation and improvement. With a go-anywhere capability, it’s become one of the world’s most convenient automobiles. The sandy shores of the beach and rocky paths of dirt roads prove trivial.

There is the relative ease of maintenance for the Defender thanks to its simple construction. It has a ground clearance of at least eight inches which means there’s no need for it to be jacked up when performing a job.

There’s no plastic trim hiding the nuts and bolts which makes them less complicated to unscrew and replace. It’s the perfect vehicle to learn about the mechanisms of a car, and you can save a few dollars by working on it yourself.

3. Unmatched Presence on the Road

So let’s get to the part where it’s all about ego, shall we? Driving a bigger car makes you feel more powerful. With a view from eight inches off the ground, enhanced road-holding and a powerful engine, the Defender offers calculated dominance like no other.

With its ability to tackle extreme conditions, suburban traffic will feel like a ‘drive’ in the park. It is as competent on-road as it is off and designed for confident driving. Don’t be surprised when other cars make way for you without putting up a fight.

The Land Rover Defender is the perfect ego-boost. And let’s not pretend that we don’t often buy cars for this reason. The Defender has retained its ‘cool factor’ through decades of changes and innovation.

4. Off-Road Capabilities

The structure of concrete roads aims to offer a smooth driving experience. The natural world, however, is not within our control, and we cannot predict what our cars will encounter out in the wild. The Defender gives you peace of mind and prepares you for any ‘bump in the road’.

If you’re an adventurer or explorer, the Land Rover Defender is the car for you. The new 2020 Defender allows drivers to adjust their preferred off-road settings using a Terrain Response system. This system will enable you to view an image of the ground in front of you and maintain low crawl speed.

The most crucial element, however, has to be the tires. Its all-terrain tires component allows for the grip of surfaces such as sand, rocks, wet grass, snow and mud.

5. Easy to Customize

Land Rover offers the widest variety of car modifications and configurations in the world. No other car company can offer this variety, and it’s all thanks to the range of size and space of their automobiles.

Designers have more room to create a design language and include various elements across a large ‘canvas’. The simple shape of the Defender makes modifications and adjustments that much easier.

People take pride in having custom-made items. There is a thrill in having something original and one of a kind. The exterior design of the Defender takes the form of a practical arrangement of squares and rectangles which caters to almost any customization the owner may desire.

Cars will change more in the next decade than they have in the past century. Due to the fast-paced technological advances, people will soon expect to be able to live in their vehicles. It all means the future of the Land Rover Defender will only get bigger.

The modern world has attracted people to the idea of convenience and that it is obtainable in every aspect of life. The Land Rover Defender has gone through many transitions to become what it is today. It is a vehicle that suits the needs of people on opposite spectrums of society. So, whether you’re a down for dirt explorer or a high-class go-getter, the Defender is suitable for any lifestyle.



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