We’re confident that, by now, your custom Land Rover Defender has taken you far and wide. And we’re also confident that with every adventure, your desire to explore grows like a burning fire. However, with longer off-road trips arises the need for more road trip necessities and tools. And this means requiring more storage space in your Defender. 

Let’s be honest, when it comes to adventuring, you don’t really want to leave anything behind. Especially the accessories that make your getaways more convenient. Luckily, with the proper planning, packing, and storage tools, you can maximize the space in your custom Land Rover Defender. We share our tips on how to create more storage in your custom Land Rover Defender below. 

Tips for Creating More Storage Space in Your Custom Land Rover Defender
1. Fold Down, Load Up, and Drive Off With Adjustable Seats

Flat folding seats are usually a standard feature in most Land Rover Defenders. And it’s a great way to maximize the space for more oversized items that you may not want to store on the outside of your 4×4.

For example, when using a hitch-mount rack, there is a possibility that an inattentive driver could damage your bicycle. Storing it on a roof rack may also leave it exposed to low-hanging obstacles, and your garage door may just snatch it up as you pull out of the driveway.  

So when it’s time to hit your favorite biking trail, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your bike or any other adventure equipment you hold dear. With adjustable seats, you can simply fold down, load up and roll out. We make sure all our signature builds have this feature. So our clients can go further with all the tools they need to make their adventures exciting and convenient.

2. Pack it Up High With a Roof Rack 

This one is for the adventurer who loves spending time in the water. Whether it’s fishing rods or your kayak, a roof rack is perfect for when items just can’t fit in your custom Land Rover Defender. 

Using tie-downs and ratchet straps works perfectly for tents, bags, and even mini-fridges. And there are a few hard case options, too, in case you need to get some loose items up there. 

One of our custom options at Classic Overland includes the installation of the Slimline Front Runner Roof Rack. With its lightweight flexibility, you can change the rack’s size according to what you need it for. This is the perfect storing tool to help you maximize your Defender’s storage capacity.

3. Pull it Out and Pack it In With Drawer Storage

A drawer system keeps your storage space organized and still leaves you plenty of room to fit your sleeping bags, grill stand, and camping chairs. They can range from standard storage space to fully functioning kitchens for the off-roadster who lives and breathes adventure. 

It’s often preferable to store all your loose items in your drawers, which may otherwise take up unnecessary space where the bigger tools could go. 

Check out our signature build, the Stanley Crane Edition Defender. Customized with built-in drawer storage, amongst other next-level features, this Defender is capable of carrying you, your family, and the tools you need for the perfect off-road trip. 

4. Pack Smart Before You Depart (and for the Whole Trip) 

A little planning always goes a long way, especially if that ’long way’ is an off-road trip into the unknown. Planning and packing smart is one of the best ways to maximize your space but tends to be tricky when it comes to those spur-of-the-moment getaways.  

But if you’ve been planning your trip a few months in advance, you should prioritize your packing plan too. Try to make your everyday items easy to reach, with some of the equipment you may only need once or twice packed a little further in the back. 

And to avoid feeling like you’re heading back home with more items than you came with, try to stay organized throughout your trip.

Go Further Without Leaving Anything Behind

We know how you feel about your custom Land Rover Defender. It’s built to take you anywhere and inspire you to tick more destinations off your road trip bucket list. However, to do so with more convenience and comfort, you need to make it easier for your off-road companion to carry all the weight. 

A few simple yet effective customizations can do the trick! Classic Overland is dedicated to transforming your Defender into the off-roadster of your dreams. So you can keep on adventuring in comfort and style, and so that no man (or camping chair) gets left behind.  

Contact us today, and we’ll build you a Defender that inspires you to keep going. 

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