In search of the perfect luxury Land Rover that still fits your adventure lifestyle? You can have the best of both worlds! Look no further than our four-wheeled mechanical animal, the Springbok Signature Build Land Rover Defender. It’s ready to take you right to the heart of the action. And it offers a combination of refined luxury and power you need to get you across any terrain.

At Classic Overland, our signature builds are at the heart of what we do – combining our love for classic defenders and the captivating beasts of Africa. And we know that as soon you hoist yourself inside the Defender Springbok Edition, you will want to head straight to the wild for a safari adventure. 

Springing Into Action: What The Springbok is All About

The Springbok is one of the fastest creatures on the planet. So, building a Defender in honor of an animal known for its agility and adaptability came with ease. As South Africa’s national animal, it has been gracefully grazing the African plains for hundreds of years. And with a speed of sixty miles per hour, this antelope is not to be underestimated. 

You usually find a springbok in the dryer parts of Africa. Often not too far from a lake bed and gathered in a herd of six to one hundred others. It has many enemies, including lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards. And with so many predators stealthily waiting for the right moment to pounce, the Springbok relies on its speed and agility to escape from eager claws. 

Our signature build, the Defender Springbok Edition gives you the best of both worlds. It embodies the grace and the power of the animal who inspired it, ensuring you get to ‘escape’ in comfort and style.

Grab the Binoculars: Taking a Closer look at the Defender Springbok Edition

When we say that the Springbok is all about merging luxury and no-nonsense power, we mean it. This Defender is our very own beast with the perfect balance between comfort and off-road capability. 

Whether it’s tackling the rocky paths leading to your favorite campsite or cruising across the sunny savannah, the Springbok will take you where you need to be. And we know that where you really want to go is to the most remote places on earth. 

Hello Luxury, Hello Power: The Defender Springbok Exterior 

The Defender Springbok Edition is a Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon, coated with a Santorini Black paint job. The color screams VIP and emphasizes the high-end status that one looks for in a luxury Land Rover. So cruising down the road is sure to get you a few double takes and admiring looks. 

The African springbok moves by taking a series of stiff-legged vertical leaps up to 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) high. This behavior is known as ‘pronking’ and is said to be used to distract predators. Although the Defender Springbok Edition can’t jump 11 feet into the air, we guarantee that it can effortlessly roll over all kinds of terrain. Thanks to its BFG A/T tires, the Springbok can smoothly get you over rocks, through mud, and into the bush’s deepest parts. 

The Springbok Edition Defender’s no-nonsense power comes from a newly fitted Cummins 2.8 Turbo-Diesel engine. And just as the springbok leaps into the air and springs across the African grasslands, the Defender Springbok Edition is capable of taking your adventures to new heights. 

All the Fine Things: The Defender Springbok Interior

A springbok’s coat is a shade of pale to rich cinnamon brown with a dark black to brown stripe along its side and a stripe on the cheek. All of these brown markings are further contrasted by a white belly and face.

Similarly, the Defender Springbok Edition features an interior with seats made of African Leather, mirroring the African antelope’s soft shades. It features a Bonsmara Brown and Black shade and white thread detail, reminiscent of the springbok’s markings.

Its seat configuration makes it the perfect 4×4 for a self-drive safari adventure, offering space for up to nine passengers. With open-plan seating in the back, the journey to your destination will be a lot more exciting, and before you know it, you’ll be watching springboks in your Springbok!

Build Your Luxury Land Rover With Classic Overland

At Classic Overland, we don’t just build Defenders. We restore them by using what inspires our adventures and what we love about off-roading. Many of the experiences closest to our hearts occur in Africa’s untamed lands, where some of the world’s most beautiful animals reside. And this is what we bring to life through our signature builds. 

Do you want a Defender that brings all your memories and inspirations to life? Let us help you build the luxury Land Rover of your overland dreams. All you have to do is think it, and we’ll build it so that you can drive off into your next adventure. 

Contact us today to get your hands on the Defender Springbok Edition, or to build a Defender suited to your off-roading needs. 

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