Off-roading wouldn’t be the same without your Overland Land Rover. What makes this brilliant piece of British engineering the best 4×4, is that you can shamelessly personalize it to make it your own. And after countless adventures and off-road trips, you’ll smile fondly at the sight of your Defender parked in your driveway in all its glory. 

As a vehicle designed to take you anywhere, the Land Rover Defender will give you the confidence to keep going and explore the unknown. Living the ultimate adventurer’s dream is only possible when you have an Overland Land Rover as your off-road companion, and we’re here to give you a few reasons why this is the case. We’ll also share how you can spend your time in the wild the way every adventurer should. 

The Defender Gearbox: Keep Hitting the Road

The Defender’s gearbox is probably the best low-range gearbox ever fitted into a car. With its ability to go low enough for the Defender to climb 60-70 degree gradients and pull objects that weigh over 15 tonnes, you can rest assured that your 4×4 can take on anything in its path. 

And this is why the Land Rover is the perfect 4×4 for adventuring. It gives you the confidence to embrace every rattle and bump that makes off-roading so thrilling. You have a gearbox there to help you reach new heights. So you can finally tick negotiating steep hills and swollen river crossings off the bucket list. 

Advanced Central Locking Differential: The Wheels Keep on Turnin’

Every off-road enthusiast knows it isn’t an off-road trip if you don’t get stuck somewhere along the journey. It just adds another adventurous challenge to the experience. But every Land Rover off-road enthusiast knows that getting stuck shouldn’t cause one to panic either. Not when you have a Defender as your off-road companion. Thanks to its advanced central locking differentials, it can get you out of any ‘rock’ or ‘hard place’.  

Its central locking system locks all four wheels together so when the wheel is stuck; it won’t spin when you put the pedal to the metal. Instead, all four wheels turn at the same speed as the one that’s stuck. Therefore, the Defender can get itself out of the most hostile places – from mud to snow and even water. 

There is an Endless Scope for Modification: You Can Make it Your Own

The Land Rover is the only 4×4 in the world built only to be taken apart again. It has a simple design that not only enables ease of repair, but it also allows you to customize your Defender into whatever you need it to be. The sky’s the limit! 

There are so many ways you can customize your Overland Land Rover to make it more convenient and capable for your off-road journeys. Are you going fishing with your Land Rover Defender? Add a roof rack for simplifying travelling with your fishing rods. And if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, fit a pair of all-terrain tires. So you can take your Defender on the paths that most dare not go. It’s all possible with the 4×4 built for adventure. 

The Defender Floats: Go on A River Crossing Adventure

Yes, the Defender even ‘walks on water’. This off-road vehicle is designed to help you tackle the smallest of water obstacles and get you through entire rivers. And anyone who enjoys off-roading can’t resist the thrill of splashing through water with a vehicle guaranteed to get them to the other side. 

The maximum ‘wading’ depth for a Land Rover Defender is about twenty inches (underside the top of the tire to the top of the rim). You can secure your 4×4 for a ‘swim’ with a snorkel that will keep the water out of your engine. 

Introducing the KUDU Grill: Your Overland Land Rover’s Adventure Companion

At Classic Overland, the journey is equally as thrilling as arriving at the destination. But when you reach that final destination, the memories we make with friends and family as we gather around the open fire are the next best thing. The KUDU, a fire-making masterpiece, to say the least, is a multi-purpose grill that makes your outdoor cooking experiences the best.

Our friends at KUDU Grills are just as passionate about the outdoors as we are, and thrive on helping you create tasty memories around the fire. With it’s convenient ‘set-up and go’ design, you can have your favorite meat cooking on the grill from the moment you park your Land Rover. And to us, this is what makes the journey to a remote location that much more exciting. 

Browse their other outdoor grilling accessories and get what you need to make your nights out in the wild a success.

Customize Your Land Rover With Classic Overland

At Classic Overland, we pride ourselves in enabling you to take your journey further. And we do so by giving you what you need to make your adventures with your Overland Land Rover safe, convenient and exciting. So that you have the confidence to take that step to explore the places you’ve always longed to visit.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you customize your 4×4 so you can keep making memories with your Defender.


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