While Overlanding during the day is undoubtedly an exciting adventure, exploring the wilderness at night can be just as thrilling. Just take a look at the aardwolf, for instance. The aardwolf, or ‘earth wolf’ as it’s otherwise known, is a four-legged creature found on the plains of Africa. This hyena lookalike is often confused with the aardvark. But although they both consume termites in bountiful quantities, the similarities end there. Somewhat peculiar-looking, this little creature is smart. So smart, in fact, that we couldn’t help but name one of our classic signature builds after it. Read below to see why we considered the aardwolf a worthy addition to our LandRover Defender Overland signature builds.

You can’t help but take a second look

Because of its shy and calm nature (and the fact that it’s nocturnal), the aardwolf is one of those animals that can be easily overlooked in the African wild. However, if they do happen to catch your eye, you can’t help but take a second look. The aardwolf looks like a hyena but with a more striking appeal that includes black stripes, pointy ears, and a bushy tail.

Preferring more arid landscapes, the aardwolf likes to roam free on flatter ground, such as grassland and sand.  Resourceful by nature, aardwolfs use the abandoned dens of aardvarks to make themselves at home. And they don’t hunt like your typical predator does either, preferring to feed off the land where termite mounds abound. 

Placid in nature, you won’t find the aardwolf looking for trouble. However, when confronted, the aardwolf is not afraid to show its true colors by raising its striking mane and giving a loud roar to startle predators into having second thoughts.

This furry little creature knows how to make the best of what it’s got and continues to thrive in the harsh wild despite its size and cute demeanor. Its resourcefulness to make the most of every opportunity, coupled with its perseverance and tenacity, is why the aardwolf perfectly represents our signature Aardwolf Edition.

A crew cab that will make you do a double-take

If anything, the aardwolf is one of those creatures that’ll make you do a double-take, just like our aardwolf edition. There’s just something delightfully simple yet striking about an all-black interior that can roll with the punches of a harsh and arid landscape. And make it look like it was born to do it. This crew cab comes with all the must-have accessories you’ll need for nighttime adventures. These include a Kenwood/Garmin 7″ LCD w/ Reverse Camera and HVAC airconditioning/heating for colder nighttime explorations. 

Making the most of every opportunity

The aardwolf is one of those creatures that make the most of an opportunity, whether it’s setting up home in an abandoned burrow for the night or feasting on a convenient mound of termites in one go. Our aardwolf edition is much the same. Built and designed for daytime and nighttime escapades, it can help you make most of any trip, whether planned or spontaneous. 

With a black exterior that stands out like the spiky mane of the aardwolf, this signature build is eye-catching. Wheels: 5 Spoke Alloy 16″ and Tires: BFG A/T  and a Land Rover 200 TDI engine give you the traction and torque you need to roam long and free. And the potential for opportunities and possibilities don’t end here either. The aardwolf makes unexpected Overlanding trips a dream. Make the most of an idyllic camp stopover with the family with Overlanding Accessories such as a Roof Rack and LED Spots to light up the night sky.

Keen to take on any landscape? 

Offroading never looked better or more filled with limitless opportunities than now. With our Defenders, you really can take on any type of landscape with ease. Custom-made with must-have accessories and addons, our Defenders help to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Looking to take on an adventure of the lifetime and need a worthy Defender to take you there?

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