If you want to keep your valuable Land Rover used car on the road for longer, we recommend creating a personal maintenance budget. The same would apply to any vehicle. Other than gas, loan repayments, insurance, and licensing, owning a car and keeping it going for years to come is expensive. It is reported the second-biggest expense after housing.

Lessen your financial load

Here, we run you through how budgeting for car maintenance will ease the financial load and keep your Land Rover used car in tip-top condition. We will also show you an overview of maintenance costs and how to create a vehicle maintenance budget according to your vehicle.

Why you should create a budget

Many first-time vehicle owners overlook pivotal maintenance costs, which is not good. This could either leave you stranded or bankrupt as repair costs can be high and can catch you out when you least expect it.

Save now, avoid the stress

Having a savings plan that you can stick to is vital. It will allow you to have funds available should you need to pay for basic maintenance needs or any unexpected expenses that could creep up. And trust us when it comes to off-roading escapades, anything can happen. Vehicle bumps, dents, tire punctures, or you name it, can come out of nowhere.

Off-road driving wear and tear factors

For Land Rover used cars, in particular, means that it has undergone arduous operating conditions(such as in mud, dust, gravel, and high ambient temperatures) for an extended period.  Stepping up your maintenance plan is necessary to prevent engine wear and tear and damage.

Keep regular checks up-to-date

A well-planned vehicle maintenance budget will give you peace of mind to plan those long trips like a cross-country highway excursion without the worry of breaking down.

Here is a list of common vehicle maintenance items to consider and the frequency of when they should be checked/replaced:

  • Brakes – 30,000–70,000 miles
  • Cabin & Engine Air Filter – 15,000–30,000 miles
  • Multi-Point Inspection – Every Visit
  • Tire Rotation – 5,000–7,000 miles
  • Battery – 3–5 years
  • Hoses & Belts – Varies
  • Tires – 50,000–75,000 miles
  • Wiper Blades – 6–12 months

Never succumb to abandoning regular maintenance needs, like a general oil change. Neglecting it can lead to severe and costly mechanical issues.

Check out your model manual

We recommend you follow a suggested maintenance schedule, which you can find in your manual. It will cover spark plugs, timing belts, transmission fluid, etc., periodically requiring replacement. If you do not have the manual because it is a Land Rover used car and the previous owner did not pass it along to you, then you can call your local Land Rover repair shop for these details.

Create your vehicle maintenance budget

Firstly, build a history file by collecting your car maintenance records for the past year, such as your checkbook register, maintenance receipts of credit card statements, etc. (how you pay for things). Only include repair expenses like oil changes, tires, or other necessary work but don’t include car payments or installments.

Work out the monthly budget

Now, you can total the amount you spent on maintenance during the last year and divide it by 12 to get your average monthly maintenance spend. For example, if you spent $900 in the past year, you should set aside a budget of at least $75 a month for vehicle maintenance.

Consider your vehicle’s condition

Older Land Rover used cars will typically need significant repairs in the coming year/s. Therefore, you should increase your monthly budget amount in this case. But it all depends on your vehicle’s repair history. If you spent a significant amount over the past 12 months and think your expenses will be less in the coming year, you can budget less.

Budget according to vehicle

Experts advise setting aside at least $100 per month for vehicle maintenance. But always keep in mind to adjust it to reflect your vehicles actual condition or model. Also, always realize that genuine parts are more expensive if your parts need replacing, especially for luxury SUVs.

Your maintenance savings nest

The best way to get your savings on the go is to separate maintenance funds from other money. Consider depositing the budgeted amount in a savings account each month until you need the funds.

Enhance your used Land Rover

Now that you have safety covered, why not add your unique vision for your used Land Rover. From off-road accessories like roof racks, trailer hitches, bull bars, sound systems, and so much more, you can have the finer details that suit your lifestyle. Why not make this your next budget goal and keep your classic in state-of-the-art condition.

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