Summer is already in full swing. So, if you’ve been there and done all that already, why not hit the open road? And discover new adventures in one of our Land Rover expedition vehicles. 

Cross-border travel is about as exciting it can get. And traveling to new and undisturbed places in the wilderness is about as good as it gets. At Classic Overland, we believe in spontaneity – and that the best exploration ideas are dreamt up on the fly. 

That is why our Land Rover Expedition vehicles are built for this very reason. Our Defenders come equipped with all sorts of Overlanding accessories for when you decide to go out on a whim.

Classic 4×4 trails in the Canadian outdoors

As much as we are all on board for an unplanned trip to ‘nowhere,’ sometimes a little bit of planning is necessary to discover the ‘undiscoverable’. You might just come upon the best and most popular off-roading trails for Land Rover expedition vehicles this side of the hemisphere! 

Indeed, Canada has some of the best scenic routes you’ll encounter; however, Alberta is where the true beauty is at. So let’s drive right into the best off-roading trails you’ll find in this epic landscape. 

Getting lost: The Lost knife trail

Don’t worry-it’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, it’s just the opposite and is ideal for beginners in need of a bit of off-roading practice. It’s also great for more experienced adventurers keen on exploring new scenery. The Lost Knife trail is miles of dusty and pure off-road joy. 

Descend down Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is moderately technical to traverse in your Land Rover Expedition vehicle. Nevertheless, with its wide variety of terrain, from grass to water crossings to rocky ground, Ruby Falls is sheer bliss for outdoor enthusiasts as they navigate the landscape while taking in the splendor of their natural surroundings. 

Top it all off at: Top of the World

Bring on the extreme of all ascents and descents – the short, but terrifyingly awesome Top of the World Trail is perfect for true die-hards and off-road extremists. The Top of the World trail will get the heart a’thumpin – that’s for sure, but you won’t want to miss out on the gorgeous views and thrilling 4×4 route that this thrilling trail offers. 

A camper’s dream: Timeu Creek OHV Recreation Area

Considered one of the best trails for Overlanding, the Timeu Creek OHV Recreation Area is one trail that is off the map – literally. So get your overlanding apps ready because you’re going to need them as you travel where few off-roaders dare to go. That said, you’re in for a lengthy adventure, so you might as well get comfortable while you’re at it. Check out our Stanley Crane Edition Defender for a home (away from home) on wheels.

Adventure for the taking

If we didn’t believe it to be true, we wouldn’t have created our signature Land Rover expedition vehicles. Our Defenders are made for lovers of the outdoors – just like you. Whether it’s one of our signature builds or it’s entirely custom-made according to your specifications, we’ll do your Defender justice.

At Classic Overland, we believe in the dream of the journey and vice-versa. So whichever side of the journey you’re on, let us take you there in one of our signature Land Rover Defenders. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you restore your dream Overlanding 4×4 for unexpected adventures both far and wide.

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