Build Your Own

What does it mean to own

A Classic Overland Defender?

Classic Overland creates custom Land Rover Defenders that are designed with your needs and personality in mind, from top to bottom. Our team will guide you through the various exterior and interior options to create the perfect build. From the moment the first Land Rover Defender rolled off the manufacturing floor, it was evident that a timeless classic of pure function and form had been born. Decade after decade countless manufacturers and models created 4x4s of which none could compare to the timeless Land Rover Defender. Here, at Classic Overland, we strive to maintain the integrity, class and ability of the “Best 4x4xFAR”. Our team works closely with our clients to build Land Rover Defenders for sale that honour the past while introducing modern fit and function to keep up with today’s pace of life.

We’ll work with you throughout the process to create an enjoyable experience. We’re all about adventure, memories, appreciating the African wildlife and loving the journey of travel – not just the end result. Interested in Land Rover Defenders for sale? Looking for inspiration? Check out our blog to share in our love for travel or follow us on Instagram at @classicoverland.