Attention to the details when modifying a Defender is the difference between a vehicle that is bound for legendary status and one that’s going to blend into the parking lot.

We believe that the tiny details make a monumental difference. It’s the reason why we only agree to work on 1 out of 10 of the Defenders we come across. The other 90% of vintage vehicles we see don’t live up to our standards. When we’re happy with the base vehicle, our team goes to work, crafting the machine that’s part art and most importantly guaranteed to come with a legacy.

If you needed any other reason to order a bespoke Classic Overland Defender, we’ve listed the details that differentiate us from the rest.


 Every Defender that the Classic Overland team works on is fitted with Dynamat soundproofing. Some might ask, “Why are you trying to ruin my V8 soundtrack or TDI monster roar?” Trust us, your majestic beast has enough grunt under the hood to call up a true mechanical symphony.

While for some, the humming and growling of a magnificent engine are enough of a soundtrack. For others, they might actually want an actual soundtrack for their trip. That’s why we’ve fitted a new sub-woofer and speakers, and Kenwood or Alpine entertainment systems in some. This can be adjusted to your taste if you choose to build your own Defender with us.

Fitted with a Kenwood/Garmin 7” LCD with a reverse camera.

The new entertainment system comes with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and reverse camera. If there’s ever been a reason to install a camera, it’s to make latching a trailer onto the tow bar easier.

Now that we’ve spoken about some of the new features, let’s focus on the interior.


The Land Rover Defender has been many things but we’ll be the first to admit its interior has never been a luxurious place to sit. Because of this, we’ve decided to add bespoke leather trim to the seats in this legendary lady. Whatever your heart desires, we can create an interior suited to you.

In our African Hoopoe Edition, our University of Texas client wanted the interior burnt orange and black. The colour scheme is also taken to the exterior and the door panels, but it’s the white stitching that really made the seats pop. We also removed the original backseat bench and replaced it with two individual seats for the passengers’ comfort.

The detailing and color scheme are taken through the car from top to bottom.

Also, the windows were treated with a manual tint, and we left the weather stop rubber flooring, as there’s nothing wrong with being able to hose down the floors of a muddy Defender.

But now it’s time to climb out of the vehicle and look at the exterior and trust us – you can judge a car by its body.


With Defenders, you’re always working with a vehicle that looks like it can tackle the Rocky Mountains in the morning and drop the kids off at their soccer practice in the afternoon without breaking a sweat.

With our builds, we don’t refine the sharp square lines but rather polish a classic look with gorgeous detail. Our classic Imbuvu Edition is a perfect example of this.

Repainted in Corris Grey, with a black checkered plate, and black light bezels, it’s a powerful looking machine. And the fact it’s sitting on black Wolf Rims really just makes it look, well, badass.

The layering of dark colours on top of each other really gives it a chic, but mean profile.

Other details that bring it together are the KBX air intake snorkel, the halogen lights, LED indicators, and the addition of LED daytime running lights.

Lights, camera, and 4×4 action!

The possibilities don’t stop here. Whatever your wildest Defender dreams are, we can make them come true. We recently completed a picture-perfect replica, down to every detail, of the Defender seen in the 007 movie, Spectre.

Can you spot the difference?

If you want to see our details or create one of these majestic vehicles yourself, get in touch. If you’re needing travel inspiration, follow Classic Overland on Instagram @classicoverland

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