Dreaming of feeling the rush of the African wind beneath your wings as you ride over one of the most inspiring and beautiful landscapes that exist? Overlanding in style in the wild and mystical land that is Africa in all its splendor can be hard to do. That is, of course, if you’ve never laid eyes on the majestic marine blue Stanley Crane- one of our custom Land Rover Defender builds. 

The Stanley Crane Edition is just one of our signature builds that, like the Stanley Crane, represents the rich history of the Land Rover Defender. Let’s see why this winged national treasure inspired one of our most treasured signature builds, and how it can inspire you too to take flight into the African wilderness.

Not your average size bird: But it still packs a punch

With its long and slender neck and small stature, The Stanely Crane can be described as none other than – regal.

Born to fly free, you’ll find more than likely find this majestical bird soaring over open grasslands. It is revered despite its smaller size and is one of Africa’s national treasures – much like the beloved Land Rover Defender.

The Stanley Crane might look shy, but don’t be mistaken – it’s got all the right moves. With a series of fancy dance steps, the Stanley Crane knows how to have fun in the wild; it moves to the beat of Africa.

The prized vintage station wagon

Just like the Stanley Crane makes its open in the African grasslands, this home on wheels has all the necessary gadgets and accessories to make staying in the wild feel like a home away from home with its pop-top roof that converts into a comfy sleeping space under the stars. 

The calming blue exterior of this Defender stays true to the signature blue of the Stanley Crane. If you want to become one with nature, then the Stanley Crane Edition will see you blending into the earthy tones of Africa. And 16″ Heritage Blue Wolf wheels and a repowered Land Rover 200 TDI diesel will see you ‘dancing’ over all types of terrain with the grace and agility of this majestic bird. 

Nesting in nature: The Stanley Crane Edition

The Stanley Crane nests in undisturbed grasslands – whatever it does, whether flying, strutting its stuff, or nesting, the Stanley Crane, stays as close to nature wherever possible. And just like our Stanley Crane Edition, we prefer to keep the design and aesthetics of this Defender as authentic and true to nature as we can. 

The same goes for its interior, with its black and orange leather seats reminiscent of the African sunset. This bird is smart, and the Stanley Crane Edition Defender follows suit with its clever design that includes an Alpine  7″ LCD w/ Reverse Camera, a frame bull bar, and black nerf step bars for safety and functionality. 

Living for the wild with Classic Overland

At Classic Overland, the African wild is our inspiration. If you are looking for custom Land Rover Defender builds that’ll make you yearn to explore the African outdoors,  contact us today to see how we can make it happen for you!

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