Our favorite place in the world would have to be our Classic Overland workshop. Based in South Africa, our workshop sees hundreds of A-list Defender 110s and Defender 90s drive in for an upgrade and drive out fully customized, unique in design, color, sound system, and performance enhancements.

Our latest project has had the Classic Overland team teeming with excitement. Air Jaws is the name of this Land Rover Defender build, and much like the great white it’s named after, it’s able to reach incredible speeds and heights, putting on a spectacular show.

See how we transformed an old-school Defender 110 into an apex predator.


As seen on Shark Week, “Air Jaws” is a phenomenon witnessed off the coast of South Africa near Cape Town; a truly remarkable sight where a great white air jaws its way through the ocean’s surface, attacking its prey while flying as far as 10 feet into the air.

The Classic Overland design team and proud owner of Air Jaws worked together to find the best way to interpret the look and feel of the great white apex predator into a custom Land Rover Defender.

Air Jaws stands at the top of the Defender food chain, with a squared-off jaw and swollen arches, shod with sizeable sawtooth wheels and Toyo M/T tires, paired with a custom cage roll and LED spotlights makes this custom Defender 110 in Bosporus grey, the perfect hunting machine.


When we think of a great white shark, we get terminator vibes, you know – that take no prisoners, bad-to-the-bone, all leather, hasta la vista baby kind of vibe, which is why we kept Air Jaws’ interior looking all-black in all-leather. We also incorporated custom silver diamond stitching, to emphasize the teeth of an air jaws moment.

Upfront, the dashboard features an Alpine 7″ LCD with reverse camera viewing. The center console offers multiple USB ports with dual cup holders. Our sound team ensured Air Jaws is kitted out with the best in sound with JBL-6 way speakers with a subwoofer.

With 2F – 2M – 2R seat configuration paired with a rooftop roll cage, Air Jaws offers space for the whole family, including luggage and all your long-haul expeditions needs.


Vroom vroom! Locked and loaded with a 3000TDI motor and 5-speed manual transmission, this beefy Defender has all the performance enhancements and predatory instincts needed to air jaw its way through roads, mountains, and valleys.


We don’t restore Land Rover Defenders so that they can blend into the parking lot. We create custom Defenders that are bound to make your off-road companion stand out from the crowd. And we do this by taking extra care of the little details to make all the difference.

Build your Defender with us and spend your days living for the next road trip, the next turn, and the next night under the glistening stars.

Journey through some of our previously made custom builds or contact us for more information.

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