Just like you, we’re obsessed with Land Rover Defenders. We take pride in building only the very best in custom off-road masterpieces. Our passion for perfection shows in our meticulous attention to detail in every vehicle build.

One of the many advantages of being a Classic Overland client is that our vehicles are sourced and manufactured in South Africa. With dedicated local industry experts working on every build, it isn’t surprising that we are the premium alternative to our international competition.

Our choice in sourcing original Defenders is stringent in that we only bring on board the finest of these classics. We don’t deal with remakes, knock-off, copycats or aftermarket panels, it’s an original Defender or nothing at all.

Our team has strict systems and processes in place to ensure that our clients drive off in their dream vehicle. To give you a better idea of what Classic Overland’s internal processes entails, let’s get into the details here:


Customizing a Defender classic starts off with a vision. When a client approaches us, we make it clear that they are the designers of their truck, we merely facilitate, advise and offer guidance in the restoration and renovation of their dream machine.

Now, customizing a Defender is not an overnight job. It’s quite a lengthy process as it’s not just the vehicle that we focus on; we want to get to know our client. Whether you are an overlanding expert or just starting off, whether you have mechanical knowledge or not – we want to know.

We are here to listen, answer questions and get a feel for what you’re looking for in your dream Defender. We are also here to offer expert advice, guidance, and if needed, we’re happy to provide recommendations too.

Once we’ve covered the exterior, interior and mechanics of what you’re looking for in your dream vehicle, we move on to the next phase.


Now that we share your vision, we can move on to our donor vehicle options and start the customization process.

Our clients have a choice between our Signature builds, Upland series and our Grease monkey build-it-yourself option.

Signature buildsThe Signature range offers unique Land Rover rebuilds, customized to your aesthetic needs all the way through the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Upland seriesCombining the legacy of the open-air African Safari vehicles to the history of upland hunting found in the United States, this is the perfect plantation/ranch recreation vehicle.

Grease monkey For those who want to get their hands dirty and build their own Defender, our Grease Monkey service offers clients the chance to purchase a donor vehicle along with all the parts and necessary support. This service includes all government clearances, exportation, Interpol registration and importation brokerage.

When it comes to building your dream Defender, we understand that choices and decisions can be overwhelming. That’s why we put so much attention into finding out precisely what our clients want before executing a build.

From our first meeting to driving off in your dream truck and everything in between, our processes are there to ensure that we build your vision, down to the last nut and bolt.

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