We’ve got our hands on one of the rarest and most powerful overlanding trucks in the world. A Land Rover 6×6 mega monster machine. One, which is so extraordinary, so unique and so outrageously good-looking that we can’t help but fall in love with it ourselves.

The Classic Overland team has dubbed this beauty “Black Mamba.” It’s named after Africa’s most feared and dangerous snake.


So, you’re wondering where this monster truck originates from? The 6×6 originates from the late 1980s. Firstly, it was developed as a specialist vehicle to meet the requirements of the Australian Army. Furthermore, the 6×6 was designed to carry high payloads over long distances of unforgiving terrain and weather conditions. The vehicle was a massive hit. Not long after, the heavy-duty truck was made available to civilians and other militaries around the world.

Land Rover 6x6

The Black Mamba was originally a fire truck. We found her parked at a fire station in the Winelands of Franschhoek South Africa with only 19 000 miles on the clock. As an emergency vehicle, this 6-wheeled heroine came with a specially tuned and meaty V8 3.5-liter heart. This gave her the power to carry tons of water over rough African terrain.


We can’t wait to get our hands dirty and start customizing this mega muscle machine to its new owner’s exact specification.

Just thinking about turning the key in the ignition and hearing that V8 engine roar gives us goosebumps.

There’s a lot of adventure to be had in this truck. Whether it’s taking the family out on a road trip, off-roading through unchartered territories, or exploring the expanses of the ranch. This 6×6 muscle machine is ready to start putting some miles on her clock.

Right now, the Black Mamba is parked silently in our workshop, awaiting customization instructions from her new owner.

This is going to be a custom build for the ages, and we can’t wait to get started and hand over the keys to a Defender owner worthy of such a legendary machine.

Land Rover 6x6


Land Rover 6×6 trucks are some of the meanest looking automobiles ever envisioned. They are designed to laugh in the face of the roughest terrain and dominate the trickiest overlanding trails. Besides the second take of stares everyone gives when seeing this monster truck in action, there are a few advantages for driving on 6 wheels.

First, 6 wheels provide better grip over all-terrain. Secondly, they also increase the vehicle’s load capacity. Thirdly, they offer better weight distribution for a safer trip.

As a result, there isn’t a surface that this beast can’t conquer. Whether you’re based around Louisiana’s swamps, Arizona’s deserts, Alaska’s arctic tundra, or outside Pebble Beach – this legendary machine will be right at home wherever you park it.

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