Are you looking for a Land Rover station wagon that makes heads turn but also leaps you into action? Our Kudu Edition Defender is a subtle beast but unforgettable nonetheless. Taking its name after the Kudu residing in southern Africa, our 4×4 is ready to rumble through off-road terrain. 

At Classic Overland, we give our restored Land Rover station wagons their own personality. And with Africa being one of our biggest inspirations, all our signature builds embody the beasts that roam its plain. Read below as we tell you how the majestic antelope, the Kudu, inspired this project.

The Grey Ghost of Africa: The Great Kudu

This large African antelope is a stately creature, with long black twisted horns and a speed of up to 99kms per hour. There are two species, the greater Kudu and the lesser Kudu. The lesser Kudu has the ability to jump over extreme heights, flat-footed, and disappearing right before your eyes — hence its name; the grey ghost. 

The greater Kudu can often weigh up to 700 pounds, with horns that can grow as long as 6 feet. They have furry fringes under their chins and small patches of grey and white along their necks. An often solitary beast, the great Kudu can survive without drinking water for long periods of time and obtains the moisture it needs from food. Males may form small bachelor groups; however, they are more commonly widely dispersed. 

This beast inspired our Kudu Edition Land Rover station wagon, both in exterior and interior. Our restored Defender is majestic, strong, and ready to take you across the African plain. 

A Camouflage Coat: The Kudu Edition Exterior

The Kudu’s coat can range from a blue-ish grey, grayish-brown, or rust color, creating the perfect camouflage for it to blend into the wild. This makes the antelope almost impossible to spot and keeps it protected from predators. Our Kudu Edition Defender comes in Arles Blue — a fine blend of natural colors that will help you blend right into the bush. 

We fitted 16” Wolf Rims and Maxxis tires, the kind of hooves you need to get you through African terrain. And to help you navigate those twists and turns when off-roading at night, we restored this beast with LED headlights and signal lights. 

The Kudu Edition Defender also wouldn’t be named after the beast known for its magnificent horns without having a crown of its own. That’s why this signature build features a Silver Frontrunner to store all your Overlanding tools and necessities. 

A Classic Beast: The Kudu Edition Interior 

There’s something about a brown leather interior that brings out that classic look-and-feel we love in a Land Rover station wagon. Reminiscent of the dense bush that the Kudu grazes upon, the Kudu Edition Defender features a Saddle Brown interior and Chestnut dashboard. 

Whether it’s a trip for two or a family affair, this signature build is for you with a 2F – 4R seat configuration. Upfront, your dashboard features a Kenwood Garmin infotainment system and reverse camera. 

Feel at home, where you and your Land Rover may roam thanks to this beautiful, classic interior custom made from African leather. 

Why You’ll Love Our Signature Builds

At Classic Overland, we believe your 4×4 is the vehicle that helps you create memories. Do you want to sleep under the stars? Or near the heat of a crackling campfire? The Defender we build for you will get you there each and every time. 

Our signature builds are inspired by the African beauties and beasts we admire, giving each vehicle a personal touch. This is the kind of 4×4 you want to drive in, one you know was built just for you. 

The Kudu Edition Defender is just one amongst our many spectacular projects. We take pride in building beasts that our clients will take across the world.

Find Your Adventure With Classic Overland

As we always like to say, you dream it, we build it. There’s no better feeling than off-roading in a 4×4 explicitly made for your needs. 

Of course, adventures are all about the unknown. But, it’s always best to have everything you need when going out into the wild. And better yet, having it all in one car. Tell us about your four-wheeled dream, and we’ll make it a reality. 

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Contact us today, and we’ll have you driving off into the sunset with the Land Rover you’ve always dreamed of having. 


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