If you’ve ever been on an African safari, you know that it’s a haunting experience. By that, we not only mean the shaking in your boots as a lion rubs past your Land Rover Defender, but the memories too. It’s a pretty memorable experience to say the very least. But what really makes any African Safari complete is when you venture out there on your own four wheels.

As proud restorers of the classic Land Rover Defender, we’ve been around the block and in many different 4x4s. That’s why we want to give you a list of our favorite African safari memories. And better yet, pair them with our favorite Signature Defenders to accompany you on the trip of a lifetime.

1. Safari Mecca: Kruger National Park and The Rhino

This one needs no introduction. It’s the safari mecca and one of Southern Africa’s most acclaimed destinations with an array of wildlife to match.

The Kruger National Park boasts many private game reserves, including the Sabi Sand, Timbavati, Manyeleti and Thornybush Game Reserves.

But we know an adventurist like yourself would want to take on this journey behind the wheel of your Defender. For experiencing Africa at your own pace, take a look at our Rhino, the perfect safari vehicle for this trip.

Named after the rare Black Rhino found across south east Africa. This vehicle is a different kind of beast but we promise, it’s just as rare and unique.

2. Bountiful Beauty: Botswana and The Krok

Botswana is one of Southern Africa’s most prosperous and untouched countries. And so, it’s a no-brainer that it makes the list as one of our favorite safari destinations. It boasts the ever-changing Okavango Delta, a captivating water wonderland home to a dizzying number of wildlife species.

Further west, the expansive Kalahari Desert offers endless horizons that could almost swallow you whole. And not to mention, the glittering night skies that keep you company as you set up your evening camp. It is the dream landscape for any adventurer with the will to explore and their trusty Defender to do so.

We have no doubt that our Signature build, The Krok, is the perfect companion for your African safari in Botswana. Named after the Nile crocodile, the feared predator, it’s just ferocious (if not more).

3. Deserts of Mystery: Namibia and The Gemsbok

If you enjoy your African safari with a little bit of mystery, Namibia should be next on your bucket list. This sought-after African landscape allows you to experience the true meaning of escapism. Its most popular destination, the Namib Desert, offers a wild yet hauntingly isolated landscape that you could easily get lost in (in a good way!).

With its burnt sienna dunes spreading further than what the eye can see, it entices any adventurer to explore every inch. Self-driving is encouraged in this captivating country because it gives visitors the chance to discover all its hidden treasures.

If you’re ready to get lost in the desert, our Gemsbok Defender will show you the way. The iconic Gemsbok antelope is the postcard depiction of Namibia and features on the country’s code of arms.

4. Magic of Masaai Mara: Kenya and The Zebra

Kenya offers you possibly the rawest experience with wildlife that one could ever imagine. This is because it’s the host country of the world’s greatest show. This is where the world’s largest migration of wildebeest which takes place every year, in Masai Mara National Park.

This African safari destination offers you the opportunity to witness over two million animals trotting along to Serengeti into Tanzania. And as humble lovers of everything wildlife, it’s a sight to behold.

As you watch countless zebras cross the African horizon, why not blend into the crowd with our Zebra Defender – named after the monochrome-striped African Zebra.

5. The Final Act: Tanzania and The Wildebeest

We consider Tanzania to be the ‘final act’’ of the amazing show that is the Great Migration. Its endless landscape of fertile soil is where some of Africa’s greatest wildlife come to graze – and that’s only the beginning of what’s in store for you.

Taking your Defender on this African safari will have you and the wildebeest bowing before the captivating Mount Kilimanjaro. And with Africa’s spice lands just beyond the coastline, you’re sure to want to stay for longer than you intended.

Be part of the final act of the Great Migration in our Wildebeest Defender, aptly named after the Wildebeest, a large and fierce antelope. And that’s exactly the kind of power you need to journey across Tanzania.

Go on an African Safari with Your Defender

At Classic Overland, we’re all about adventure and relishing in the journey of exploring the unknown. That’s how we feel about building Defenders too. We’ve travelled far and wide and had the great privilege of testing the capabilities of our beloved 4x4s across Africa.

We hope this inspires you to get behind the wheel of your Defender and take on the African bush with nothing but the desire to discover what lies ahead.

We can’t wait to hear your stories.

Contact us today so we can help you build the perfect Defender to accompany you on your adventures. And give us a follow on Instagram to get in on our adventures too! 

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