Silver Defender

Although Classic Overland creates custom Land Rover Defenders, we understand that sometimes you just want to do something yourself. You might just want to be able to say to yourself, “I did this. This is my blood, sweat and tears.” That’s why we’re also offering all those grease monkeys out there the chance to purchase one of our used Rovers for sale to fix it up themselves! We share the passion of creating custom Land Rover Defender trucks with anyone who appreciates the mammoth project that it is. There’s just something special about looking at an incomplete truck and knowing the journey you’re about to embark on – and we’re not just talking about your adventures once your second-hand Land Rover is complete! Before looking at one of our used Rovers for sale, browse through our Signature Builds page, inspired by the vast African wildlife. From wildebeest to rhinos to baboons to the elegant Crane bird, we love them all. You might find you like even more!




  • Roof rack
  • Bullbar
  • High lift jack
  • High lift jack
  • Duel battery
  • Ladder
  • Gas bottle holder
  • Drawer system
  • Spotlights
  • Little black box(engine monitor)
  • Electronic speedo
  • Turbo protector
  • VDO temp gauge
  • Auxiliary tank
  • 2 Sparewheels

More Details

  • Adjust handbrake
  • Difflock light not working
  • Rattles – rear door stoppers
  • Front wiper blades
  • Window washer not working
  • Driver footwell mats not good
  • Replace vent rubbers
  • LH Headlight dull
  • Rear side windows channelling
  • Fender indicators not working
  • LH front indicators not working
  • Rhswivelhub leaking
  • Steering wheel not good
  • Windscreen rubber
  • Dome light not working on door switches
  • Tappet cover leak
  • No antifreeze
  • Vacuum pump sweaty
  • Transfercase front output shaft sweaty
  • Rear diff flange sweaty
  • Steering box leaking
  • Pitman arm kit
  • Front diff flange sweaty
  • Top up clutch fluid
  • Rear propshaft has play
  • Bolts missing on loadbox RHR
  • Door rubbers not good
  • Wheel alignment
  • Sort out boost pipe
  • Turbo actuator vacuum broken
  • Window washer reservoir broken
  • Window washer pump disconnected
  • Poprivets and trims missing on rear windows
  • Pre aircleaner hose not good
  • Play on steering box
  • Centre lock broken
  • Roof lining sagging
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  • Silver used Rover for sale
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