Blue Defender

Although Classic Overland creates custom Land Rover Defender rebuilds, we understand that sometimes you just want to do something yourself. You might just want to be able to say to yourself, “I did this. This is my blood, sweat and tears.” That’s why we’re also offering all those grease monkeys out there the chance to do just that! We share the passion of creating custom Land Rover Defender trucks with anyone who appreciates the mammoth project that it is. There’s just something special about looking at an incomplete truck and knowing the journey you’re about to embark on – and we’re not just talking about your adventures once your Rover is complete! Before looking at this blue Defender’s specifications and gallery, browse through our Signature Builds page, inspired by the vast African wildlife. From wildebeest to rhinos to baboons to the elegant Crane bird, we love them all. You might find you like even more!




  • 12000 lbs winch (Optional)
  • Bullbar
  • Auxillary tank
  • Spotlights
  • Radio

More Details

  • Choke light not coming on
  • Foot well vents blanked off
  • Front seats loose
  • Hooter not working
  • Rear wiper not working
  • Window washer not working
  • Lhr window winder tight
  • Front door catches covers missing
  • Lhf door catch bent
  • Aircon pump has been removed
  • Brake lights not working
  • Vent rubbers loose
  • Whoper box plug
  • Roof lining not nice
  • Rear wiper unit removed
  • Door hinges has play
  • Door rubbers
  • Spare wheel carrier play
  • Sky light rubbers
  • Fuel cap needs replacement
  • Radius arm bushes
  • Ball joint bolts
  • Shock rubbers
  • Anti sway bar bushes
  • Front discs
  • All belts
  • Steering box sweating
  • Rear diff seal
  • Engine leaks
  • Gearbox transfercase leaks
  • All drive members
  • Propshaft play
  • Diff play
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