Chances are, you’ve probably made your New Year’s resolutions for 2022. Usually, these include your more typical resolutions regarding health, your career, relationships, etc. However, for a select few, these new resolutions will also include aspirations relating to their beloved 4×4. Suppose you’ve never considered this before. Here are some New Year resolutions worth considering for your custom Land Rover Defender build for this year.

Choosing a Defender with your name written all over it 

First off, if you always dreamed of getting a custom Land Rover Defender build with your name on it, 2022 could be the year to do it. Just be sure to choose wisely. After all, the color of your truck could say a lot about you without you even knowing it!

General upkeep

Once you’ve got the 4×4 of your dreams, ongoing general upkeep is necessary to ensure it stays in mint condition. Here, we’re referring to the maintenance of your vehicle regularly. And if it happens to be a signature edition of ours, then you’ll know why it’s worth the effort. Again, it’s really about keeping up with the general upkeep of your vehicle, making sure that you routinely check the essentials to keep your 4×4 running smoothly for the duration of the year.

For example, get in the habit of filling your oil up to the required levels to keep your engine well-oiled all the time. It’s also important not to forget about monitoring the level of antifreeze in your engine. This is vital if you plan on Overlanding in extreme weather conditions to ensure your engine’s temperature is kept consistent.

Checking the condition of your tires routinely is also vital to do. This practice of checking and reflecting on the state of your tires becomes all the more critical if you’re an avid offroader out on the rough road more often than not. And you want to reduce the level of friction or damage caused to your tires. Or, at the very least, replace them before irreparable damage occurs. 

Keeping an eye on your battery

Keeping an eye on your 4x4s battery is one thing you’ll want to make a note of doing more regularly. And it is something you’ll probably want to keep on your radar for years to come as your vehicle gets older. Again, this is doubly important if you plan on taking your vehicle through the rigors of freezing cold. Or unusually hot temperatures. All of which can have a significant impact on your battery’s life cycle.

Furthermore, (and contrary to popular assumption), extremely hot weather can adversely affect the lifespan of your battery even more than the frigid cold. So park your vehicle in the shade as often as you can when not in use. And do routine checkups on your hoses and clamps as well as your fan belt to ensure your engine gets the cool air it needs. After all, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when you are unprepared is sure to sap the excitement out of any off-roading adventure. No matter how thrilling it may be.

Checking on the wear and tear of your windshield wipers

Checking your windscreen wipers’ condition is vital for obvious reasons. For instance, you’ll need a crystal clear view of the road behind and ahead of you before you get caught in torrential downpours. So be sure to look for any telltale signs that may signal that your windscreen wipers need replacing. This could include frayed or split edges. Because a well-functioning windscreen is simply something you cannot do without from a safety perspective. 

Top to bottom regular cleaning

Plan on keeping your vehicle the center of attention this year? You’ll have to give it a regular wash to prevent the build-up of unsightly dust and muck. Moreover, when it comes to cleaning a heavy-duty truck, you’ll have to put some muscle into it. 

Upping your driving techniques

New to off-roading? Or you’re perhaps in need of a bit of a refresher when it comes to driving your vehicle over all sorts of terrain. Why not read up on the latest driving techniques for long distances? So, you’re prepared for any and every eventuality when the time comes for your epic overseas Overlanding adventure. 

New Year’s resolutions worth sticking to

With our Classic Overland refurbished Defenders by your side, your new year is bound to start off on a high. Moreover, you’ll probably find that taking extra special care of your Defender and setting goals for the both of you is sure to be easy to do. 

So, contact Classic Overland today for more information on how we can get you a custom Land Rover Defender build that’s #GOALS in 2022!

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