The Defender is an all-purpose 4×4, and yes, that means it can even help you win your catch of the day! However, there are few things every fisherman needs to make their day in the water a success. Fishing gear for the Defender is not that hard to come by, in fact, with the help of Classic Overland, it’s as simple as letting us know what you need. Then we make it happen. 

But, if you’re not sure what you need, we can help you with that too. We’re giving you a list of must-haves for every fishing adventurer who loves taking their Defender out to the water. So whether you’re casting off the pier at a nearby beach or angling for trout in a rushing river, you can always be ready with the right fishing gear in your trusty 4×4. 

1. Roof Rack for Your Rods 

Although the Defender provides enough room to store all your necessary adventure tools, it’s always safer to store your fishing rods up top on the roof rack. It’s also a great way to avoid having your rods bent or broken (which is more likely to occur when they’re stored inside your Defender). 

We equip our restored Defenders with Overlanding accessories that are designed to keep your adventure tools safe. Our roof racks are made of corrosion-resistant steel which allows you to travel with your gear in any kind of weather. We also know that it isn’t a good fishing day until everything is soaking wet. However, you’ll want to keep your precious Defender interior dry of course. This is also where having a roof rack will come in handy. 

2. Trailer Hitch for Your Fishing Boat

If you like going a little further than knee-deep into a river and prefer casting your fishing line from your boat, you’ll need a trailer hitch to bring it along. But it’s important to know that not all trailer hitches are created equal. And you’ll need to keep the size and weight of your boat in consideration when choosing one. 

3. A Wet Box for Your Wet Gear 

After a day spent at the lake, you’ll most likely have a whole lot of wet items you won’t know what to do with. A wet box is a must-have fishing gear item for the Defender, and yes it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a box designed to hold all your wet items such as raincoats, boots, and waders. 

All it takes is a plastic tote big enough to hold your waders and rain gear with a few holes drilled in the bottom to let water drain. And then a few holes in all four sides to let air in to help dry things out.

4. An Interior Behind the Seat Organizer for all Your Fishing Tools

Fishing is the one sport that requires a lot of gear and other accessories. And one thing that many fishing enthusiasts struggle with is keeping track of their tools. Coming off the water can often fill the inside of your Defender with pliers, scissors,  gloves, and tackle. 

An interior behind the seat organizer is one of the Defender fishing accessories that makes it easier to keep things in order. This inexpensive organization solution gives you a place to unload your pockets at the end of each day and keeps important fishing gear within reach right behind your seat and ready for the next day’s adventure.

5. Floor Liner for Your Wet Feet

Like any fisherman, you love having your calves and feet submerged in the water, and even stepping into the mud. But, you love keeping the interior of your beloved Defender clean too. Floor liners act as protection for your Defender interior after you’ve spent a day with the fish.

They promise coverage around interior trim, driver pedals, seat tracks, and door sills. These lines are made with quality materials that isolate the debris and moisture while making the ‘clean up’ much easier. You can also get them in a specific color to accent your interior. 

Get Fishing Gear for the Defender With us 

It’s no secret that the Land Rover Defender is the ultimate Overlanding 4×4. So it’s also no surprise that so many fishing enthusiasts consider it to be the best truck for any kind of fishing adventure. However, there are a few ways you can customize your Defender to make it even more water-ready so you can make the best of your fishing trip. 


Contact Classic Overland today and we’ll help you build or restore a Defender that’s ready to take you on any kind of adventure 

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