Every Land Rover enthusiast knows that the Defender is the perfect 4×4 for a safari adventure. Its robust design was made to tackle rocky terrain and ensure smooth travels wherever your destination. However, there are certain things every first-time Safari-adventurer needs to prepare themselves for.

Although the Defender is the ideal vehicle for safari, there are certain design features and high-tech innovations you must consider to make the best out of your safari trip. Africa – though captivatingly beautiful- is a place that’s prone to extreme heat and patchy infrastructure. We want to tell you all you need to know when taking your Defender on safari:

1. African Heat

The African climate is often unpredictable, and temperatures can range anywhere from 20º to 40º Celsius. Depending on which parts of Africa you go to and which time of the year, humidity levels can vary. Nevertheless, you should always be equipped for any kind of weather fluctuations.

Air-conditioning is a standard yet essential feature to have when taking your Defender on safari. Car air-conditioners are often the first things to give out on us. So, you need to ensure you have a reliable ventilation system when going on safari.

Incorporating adjustable airflow nozzles for each seat is a convenient feature to have when travelling with family. With each passenger being able to control their own air conditioning, they can enjoy the scenery without being bothered by the heat.

2. The Power of the Sun

Depending on how long your trip will be, pre-charged batteries can only last you so long. And, unfortunately, African countries are not known for their reliable electrical grids. It, therefore, poses a problem for the modern traveler who lives off their mobile device.

Luckily, there is a power source readily available wherever you may find yourself in Africa-the sun. Many luxury safari vehicles have solar panels on the roof to help power the individual USB charging station built into each seat.

Electric safari vehicles (link) are also becoming quite popular within the game lodge industry. With climate change, an undeniable global crisis, shifting from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric-powered vehicles is an environmentally responsible step.

3. Unpredictable Roads and Sticking to Your Roots

The maintenance of roads and other infrastructure in Africa is not always up to standard. So you need your Defender to, quite literally, help you stay ‘off the beaten path’. Many of the roads are peppered with potholes or are rocky dirt roads, and sometimes a combination of both.

Defenders often have low ratio 4WD gear and a centre diff lock system, which makes for excellent suspension for off-road travel. We know that all Defender models go through epic test drives to determine their off-road capabilities. While most Land Rover models grow more luxurious, the original Defender stayed true to the brand’s rugged roots up until it went out of production in 2016.

That’s what makes it so popular amongst Land Rover enthusiasts. Although more modern and high-tech Defenders are taking over the scene, most adventurers still prefer taking their original Defenders on safari.

4. Blending in

There’s a reason why game drivers wear neutral colors (brown, green and beige) when on safari. And it’s the same reason why most safari vehicles are of the same hue. The best way to observe the African kingdom is by blending in and becoming part of it. So no, wearing khaki isn’t just to help you make a fashion statement on your African getaway.

These colors help you blend into the African bush and often allow you to get a closer look at the animals. In 2019, Land Rover gave a prototype Defender to wildlife conservation group Tusk (link), which used the vehicle for lion-conservation operations at the 35,000-acre Borana Conservancy in Kenya.

Automakers often wrap prototype vehicles in camouflage to disguise them from prying eyes, but this Defender needed it more than ever. The camouflage was specially designed for the car to blend into the environment. It even allowed wildlife managers to tranquilize a male lion from the SUV so that they could replace the animal’s tracking collar.

Defender on Safari

There are new and innovative ways to make the best out of your safari adventure. Wildlife and environmental conservation have always been a big part of the game drive industry. Making adjustments to your vehicle to contribute positively can make your experience that much more memorable.

Safari adventures have become more than just a holiday; they have allowed people to participate in the restoration of the African kingdom. Taking your Defender on safari will not only give you comfort and convenience but, if done right, will help restore the earth to its former glory.

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