Of all the animals that roam the African plains, the zebra is probably one of the most recognized of them all. Black with white stripes, it sure does stand out amidst its neutral surroundings. It’s one of the reasons why we at Classic Overland couldn’t help but name one of our signature builds after it. But that’s not the only reason. See below why the Defender 110 station wagon Zebra edition is one of our best signature models yet. 

An extension of the Big 5: Synonymous with the African wild

While zebras don’t technically form part of the famous Big 5, a safari just wouldn’t be a safari without including the ever-popular zebra. Moreover, of the many species you’re likely to encounter in Africa, it is the Plains zebra that caught our eye and is what inspired the two-toned look of our very own station wagon at Classic Overland. 

At one with the land

Plains zebras never stray far from the nearest food and water source. However, in drier seasons, zebras will travel as far as they need to cover ground to reach the next available water source. A pack animal, Plains zebras often travel in large herds for protection from predators. In fact, you could even refer to them as the ultimate survivalists. Plains zebras use speed, power, and agility to their advantage as they charge forth into unknown territories.

Interestingly, zebras have been known to take on the longest migration routes of all the land mammals in the animal kingdom. Their lengthy expeditions can span over 300 miles to reach more food and water. They can also gallop pretty fast too. And while not the fastest, they can still reach cool speeds of up to 42mph. 

However, as elegant and carefree as these equines may seem, it would be foolish to underestimate this powerful beast. Actually, just one swift but decisive kick to the chest can bring the king of the jungle to its knees.

Black and white: this boxy zebra edition is truly something else

Looking for a Defender that is as striking as the zebra itself? Our black and white Zebra edition will have you taking on the savannas in style with its Tusker white, and Santorini black accents. And don’t forget these cool accessories either – a black Classic Overland frame bull bar and complimentary black nerf bars that stand out against its pristine white exterior. 

However, don’t be mistaken; this elegant beast is so much more than just its good looks. It’s a sturdy 4×4 designed with the Plains zebra in mind and its superior grasp of the land. Additionally, its 16-inch sawtooth tires are made for almost any terrain. They also offer the right balance of powerful forward motion and resistant traction to counteract the unpredictability of yet to be explored places. 

Feel like making your Overlanding adventure even more of a dream trip and need extra room to transport your Overlanding gear on? Well, then a front-runner slimline roof rack is sure to do the trick. Carry your Overlanding accessory of choice with you, whether it be your surfboard, bicycle, canoe, etc. 

This zebra edition mimics the zebra edition through and through

As one of our most prized signature editions, the interior of our zebra edition is just as special, too. Our Zebra Edition imitates the look of the Plains zebra with its luxurious black leather seats with white trimming. Suppose you’re planning on migrating long distances, such as taking on an Overlanding trip through Africa, for example. In that case, you’ll need a deluxe Defender interior with a mean exterior to take you the distance in comfort. Plus, you will most certainly need all eyes around you as you navigate the unknown. So that you’re ready for unexpected surprises that may pop up at any time at the next winding turn, dip in the valley, or ascent onto the mountain top, our special Zebra Edition comes with a Kenwood/Garmin 7″ LCD w/ Reverse Camera. 

Living the adventure with the zebra edition

Looking to live the adventure like the Plains zebra that roams wild and free? Then this special Defender 110 station wagon zebra edition might just be the signature Defender for you. 

So, contact Classic Overland to see how we can make your Overlanding and offroading dreams a reality.

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