Dassie is a bespoke off-chassis Left-Hand Drive restoration with automatic transmission. A timeless Olive Green harkens one back to the low veld where these Defenders crawled the landscape in search of African Wildlife. 5 Speed Manual V8 3.5L Petrol Land Rover 110 Defender DETAILS GALLERY CONTACT
Land Rover 110 Defender
Left-Hand Drive

V8 3,5L


  • Truck: Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Color: Namibia Brown
  • Style: Heritage
  • Steering: Left Hand Drive
  • Engine: V8 3,5L


  • Color: Namibia Brown
  • Bezel: Heritage
  • Bumper: Land Rover Standard – Brushed Silver
  • Bonnet: Land Rover Standard
  • Air Intakes: OEM-Black
  • Head Lights: Halogen
  • Signal Lights: LED Colored
  • Wheels: Wolf 16”
  • Tires: BFG A/T
  • Sound Proofing: Dynamat
  • Step Bars: Land Rover Steps
  • Rear Bumper: NAS Spec w/ 2” Receiver


  • Seat Material: Heavy Duty Rip-Stop Canvas – heated front seats
  • Interior Color: Bolders Beach Grey
  • Center Console: Standard Cubby w/ Dual Cup Holders and Dual USB ports
  • Seat Configuration: 2F – 3M – 4R
  • Dash: Land Rover Standard
  • Gauge Cluster: VDO
  • Entertainment: Kenwood Single Den w/ Apple Play and Google Play
  • Speakers: JBL-6 Way w/ Sub-woofer
  • Flooring: Weather Stop Rubber w/ Land Rover Floor Mats
  • Roof: Land Rover Standard Cloth
  • Windows: Land Rover Standard
  • HVAC: Under Dash A/C Standard Heat
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Each one of our Land Rover Defenders takes on a personality of a well-known, wild animal, such as the Dassie. These small but confident animals are also known as Rock Hyrax are most closely related to elephants and manatees. They have at least 21 different vocalizations, including trills, yips, grunts, wails, snorts, twitters, shrieks, growls, and whistles. In addition, males also sing complex songs that can last for several minutes and serve a territorial purpose, like bird song. It's safe to say that these little buggers are not afraid to make a noise - just like our vintage Defenders. Learn more about our wildlife-inspired range of Defenders in our 'Inventory' page!

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  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
  • Land Rover 110 Defender
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