With many trendy customizations available, it’s hard to know where to start when improving your car’s capabilities. But alas, that’s what we’re here for. You need the help of a specialized off-road shop to help transform your vehicle into a capable, custom built Land Rover.

Like every 4×4 enthusiast, we’re sure you’re interested in the magic that goes behind customizing an off-road vehicle. We want to give you the top four off-road car customizations and a breakdown of each one of their building processes and purposes:

1. Tires

Standard tires on any brand new 4×4 are not always intended for serious remote-area travel. Even the latest Land Rover Defender 2020 model features standard highway-terrain tires. Tires are often the first part to be replaced or customized when it comes to transforming your off-road vehicle.

Ideally, you want a tire that is more robust and less susceptible to damage. This might sound strange but, engineers use less material for tires with higher speed rates than those with lower speed ratings. Although you’d naturally want to go for the tire that provides a higher speed rate, the lower speed-rated tire is ultimately what’s best for your 4×4.

By fitting a tire with a lower speed rating (down to 140km/h or ‘N’ rating that is legal in most states for 4x4s), you have a stronger, more robust tire. So, bigger tires don’t just make your custom-built Land Rover look cool; they also provide the durability you need to take on unpredictable terrain.

2. Bull Bars

Bull bars are, in many ways, a necessary evil for off-road travel. Not only do they protect your custom-built 4×4 from animal strikes, but they also provide a solid base for mounting other accessories like headlights, winches and CB antennas.

These bars are superbly engineered and manufactured to not only maintain maximum functionality but also to ensure they contribute to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. While aluminium-alloy bars are lighter than steel bars, steel will be more robust and stronger when you need it most.

Engineering a bull bar requires careful consideration of many factors to ensure it serves its purpose. Things such as airbag deployment, crush rate, accessory placement, strength and weight are all considered before bars enter production. The Deluxe bull bars available for the Defender models are manufactured from steel and powder-coated for durability.

3. Long-Range Fuel Tanks

Since factory-fitted tanks have the potential to leave you high and dry, many adventurists still make use of jerry cans to store extra fuel for their off-road trips. This method is not always the safest way to carry fuel because one spill could lead to a life-threatening situation. Long-range fuel tanks provide the capacity of several jerry cans and store fuel where you want it; under your vehicle.

They are incredibly convenient the further you travel from civilization and more importantly, from gas stations. The design of long-range fuel tanks is specific to vehicle applications, as tank volume and weight distribution will vary from model to model. However, the most substantial volume for a Defender can go up to 210L for a full replacement tank.

The engineering of long-range fuel tanks considers ground clearance. It allows the more adventurous off-roader the opportunity to take on ‘trickier’ paths despite the added weight of extra fuel. Professional installation of a replacement tank takes an estimate of two to three hours, traditionally placed underneath the vehicle between the axles.

4. Spare-Wheel Carriers

The last thing you need is getting stuck in a remote area, with no reception and a flat tire with no back-up plan. If you have a spare wheel, you don’t want to place it on your roof rack either. So what do you do? A smart solution for storing your spare wheel is incorporating a carrier that fits directly onto your vehicle’s chassis.

Because spare-wheel carriers receive constant element exposure, the most reliable carrier is made of stainless steel. The best way to place a carrier is by mounting it onto the rear cross member so that the tailgate remains completely relieved.

In 2014, the optimization of the spare-wheel carrier for the Defender increased load capacity and zero maintenance. It is also compatible with the trailer hitch and provides space for the mounting of reversing lights. For aesthetic value, the carrier is paintable, which means you can paint it the same color as your custom-built Land Rover.


The excitement of a brand new 4×4 can often leave you overestimating its off-road capabilities. Of course, as representing one of the leading brands in the overlanding industry, we aim to provide our customers with the most reliable custom-built Land Rover. However, we should always keep in mind that after a good few years, every car requires an upgrade.

As an off-roader, it is essential to educate yourself on car modifications and their processes. This will help you determine which customization is necessary to transform your car into a durable and more capable 4×4.



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