Our professional restoration team will always go the extra mile to create the Defender of your dreams. We have a range of custom options for the Defender, suitable for any type of adventurer, so when you think it, we build it. And the greatest part about allowing us to restore or build your Land Rover Defender is that you get to choose from custom options exclusive to our shop.

That being said, you can be sure that restoring your Defender with Classic Overland will have you driving off in a 4×4 that’s one of a kind and speaks to your personality. Read below as we take you through some of the exclusive custom options we have available to help you create your dream Defender. 

All The Power You Need: A (Repowered) V8 Engine

The first V8 Engine was built in 1902 by Léon Levavasseur, a French engineer and inventor. He patented his work and gave it the name ‘Antoinette’. Back then, this engine was mostly used in aircraft and speedboats. Now, it’s one of the most popular engine choices amongst Land Rover Defender owners because of the powerful yet smooth acceleration it provides. 

The number of cylinders an engine packs usually determines its size. It’s, therefore, apparent why the V8 Engine has its name: it has eight cylinders. V8 engines are mostly found in powerful automobiles with the common types being sports cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs. 

‘Muscle cars’ use this engine, hence its popularity amongst Defender drivers and why we offer its installation as one of our custom options for the Defender. 

From Roar to Purr: Sound Proofing

Having a powerful car doesn’t have to mean having a loud one. We know your Defender pushes through all kinds of terrain, tackling mud, the bush, or sometimes even just the highway. And the last thing you want are these on and off-road battles rattling in your ears as you drive. 

Soundproofing your 4×4 will make you feel like you’ve hopped into a high-end, luxury Defender because it allows for a smoother and more peaceful driving experience. Well, at least in your cabin. Soundproofing Dynamat is constructed of foam that comes with self-adhesive backing. 

We ‘treat’ the areas of your vehicle such as the doors, trunk lid, ceiling, firewall, rear storage tray, and floor plans throughout. In doing so, it reduces vehicle panel vibrations, improves thermal efficiency. It also helps provide a better acoustical environment to play your favorite road-trip tunes. 

The Adventurer’s Back-up Plan: A Spare-Wheel Carrier 

We won’t restore your Defender and leave you at risk of getting stuck in a remote area, with a flat tire and no back-up plan. And even if you already have a spare wheel, you don’t want it sitting in your car, taking up storage space. So, we help you store your spare wheel by incorporating a carrier that fits directly onto your vehicle’s chassis. 

And because spare-wheel carriers receive constant element exposure, we use a reliable carrier made of stainless steel. By mounting it onto the rear cross member, the tailgate remains completely relieved so your Defender doesn’t feel any added weight. 

Carrying More With Less: The FrontRunner Slimline Roof Rack

When going on those long family trips, or even just a few days in the bush, you need as much storage space as possible. And although your Defender has ample space, there are certain things you may not be able to fit in there. But luckily, there is a modern and simple solution to this. 

The Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack is a modern and sophisticated storage solution specifically built for off-road adventure. Its lightweight flexibility allows you to change the size of the rack according to what you need it for. We provide installment of this roof rack on request so you can go on your journeys, no matter how far.

Get Your Exclusive Custom Options for the Defender, Today 

Classic Overland is all about bringing quality custom options to our customers. We pride ourselves in building and restoring Defenders that are original and true their roots. And we do so by providing customizations that enhance your classic Defender’s capabilities.

Restoring your Defender with us not only guarantees your beloved 4×4 will be taken care of, but you’ll be driving off in a more durable off-road vehicle. This is what we mean when we say it’s not only about the destination, but the journey too. Let us build your dream Defender so you can keep on adventuring to the places you love. 

Do you want to know more about our custom options for the Defender? Contact Classic Overland today. 

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