Honey Badger

When they said "The Honey Badger Don't Care" they weren't kidding. This signature Classic Overland build won't care where you choose to drive it. Tar road, dirt road, it won't matter. Whereever you choose you will look good doing it. 6 Speed Automatic Repowered V8 3.5 Petrol Petrol Defender 110 Station Wagon DETAILS GALLERY CONTACT
custom land rover defender

Land Rover


  • Truck: Custom Land Rover Build Defender
  • Color: To Be Determined
  • Style: To Be Determined
  • Steering: Left Hand Drive
  • Engine: Repowerd V8 3.5 Petrol
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Each one of our custom Land Rover Defender 110 station wagons takes on a personality trait of one of Africa's beautiful animals. When creating our range, we knew the fearless honey badger had to be included. The honey badger got its name from being known as the “Honey Eater” of the Cape. It’s true that the honey badger has the Guinness Book of World Records title of "World's Most Fearless Creature" but they’re more than just audacious: they’re downright mean. They’re invasive and eager to pick a fight—even with a porcupine or a venomous snake. In fact, there are tons of videos online showing the numerous, full-on battles between honey badgers and snakes, where the badgers gets bitten but continue fighting like its nothing!
Workers at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in South Africa revealed that a team of honey badgers used sticks, a rake, mud, stones, and pure determination in their attempts to escape. They look cute and harmless, but indeed they are the most fearless animals in the world!

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  • custom land rover defender
  • custom land rover defender
  • custom land rover defender
  • custom land rover defender
  • custom land rover defender
  • custom land rover defender
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