Every car enthusiast knows that the color of your car is a customization that speaks volumes. A vehicle’s color will always be the first thing you notice when you look at it. Enthusiasts also know, however, that paint jobs are more than just for show. Good quality paint jobs are meant to protect the surface of your car.

Custom paint jobs are therefore stylish as well as protective, and there should be no compromise on either. There are multiple types of paint jobs you can choose from when it comes to customizing your 4×4. We spend our days perfecting the art of custom built Land Rover Defenders. Therefore, we’re here to help you make an informed choice when it comes to customized paint jobs for your vehicle:

Solid Paint

A vast majority of cars come with this paint job as a standard finish. Most manufacturers only provide it within a limited color spectrum, i.e. white, red, blue and black. This paint job is more for those who don’t want to break the bank on customization.

There are only three layers to this paint job; primer, paint and lacquer. Repairing this kind of paint job is also easier than most. The filling of small stone chips only takes the work of touch-up pen in the appropriate shade. Touch-up pens are usually available in car shops for not that much money.

More significant damages are also quite simple to repair. Just avoid letting moisture seep in when applying a new layer. Solid paint may not be the flashiest paint job around, but it’s definitely the most affordable and easy to look after.

Metallic Paint

This paint reflects light for a much brighter finish than solids. It also comes in a wider variety of colors. It has a shiny finish that comes from mixing a small amount of aluminum powder into the paint. The metal particles pick up and reflect natural light, giving your car a flashy-type feel.

The paint job includes applying multiple layers of paint and lacquer. It may lead to a higher cost than your average paint job. You may also spend more time than you would like washing your 4×4. This is because dirt shows up a lot easier on metallic.

This paint job is trickier to repair because it’s difficult to achieve an exact match of the original color. Maintaining your metallic paint job involves washing your car gently and avoiding the use of products that could be abrasive.

Pearlescent Paint

Pearlescent finishes offer even more shine than metallic. This is because the paint includes a mix of ceramic crystals that reflect and refract light. It means that when your car is in any light, it reflects a variety of colors from different angles.

This paint job creates a luminous effect that is almost mystical. The downside is that the paint is extremely susceptible to scratches and marks. It is also quite costly to repair.

Waxing your car regularly (as advised by your auto body technician) will help you maintain that spectacular sheen. Pearlescent finishes are said to hold up better to sun damage than traditional paint. However, you must always try to keep your car covered when it’s not in use.

Matte Paint

As professionals in the industry of the custom built Land Rover Defender, trust us when we say that matte paint jobs is a rising trend. They are currently not a common choice because they are only available in silver grey and black. However, it is slowly making its way into the 4×4 customization world.

The other reason why it’s not a popular choice is that it’s expensive and high-maintenance (not a great combination). The methods for achieving matte paint include: using a primer with high epoxy content, a high PVC content in the paint itself, or a flattening agent in the lacquer.

Each method produces paint that absorbs light rather than reflects it. It creates a dull yet shiny effect with a texture to the color that is slowly gaining appeal from car lovers. Matte paint, in our opinion, is something that you either love or you hate. If you’re team matte, you may feel the extra expenses are worth it.

It’s Called a ‘Paint Job’ for a Reason

A paint job will ultimately determine the overall look of your car. This customization can also radically affect your car’s value, and you should, therefore, never compromise on quality. Your custom built Land Rover Defender’s paint job should speak to your personality as well as serve as a protective layer for your car.

It is always a good idea to educate yourself on different customizations. It will help you determine what is best for you and your vehicle. We hope this information has brought you closer to achieving the perfect custom paint job for your 4×4.

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