When it comes to anything custom, attention to detail is the difference between achieving legendary status and blending into the parking lot. With a custom build Land Rover, there are no exceptions — not even in the spray booth. Why modify a Defender if you’re not going to achieve stand out status?

When it comes to the finishing touch of an original Defender, its body panels and rivets are tricky to spray. Classic Overland is excited to announce the opening of our new state-of-the-art spray booth system, designed to ensure precision on every spray for every build.

We made this investment on behalf of our customers, to ensure the best exterior finish on every Defender, every time.

Quality over Quantity

The Classic Overland community is growing fast. To keep up with demand, a new spray booth has been in the works. Over the past few months, we have spent significant time and energy sourcing the perfect system. The Yokistar 12m large truck and bus spray booth — we believe this to be the best spray technology available.

After thorough research on some of the top spray booth brands around the world, the TS-TB12 model ticked all the boxes in which high-quality, accuracy and advanced technology are applied to ensure precision with every spray.

Why is the TS-TB12 the best?

  • During painting, the spray booth offers a sealed environment. This keeps the spray booth area clean and safe. In addition, it offers excellent lighting for the painting operation of all kinds of components and products.
  • Designed with several ventilation systems in place, the TS-TB12 guarantees the best painting conditions for our employees.
  • The drying time, temperature and humidity can be set according to the different paint materials during the baking process. This works to achieve a perfect high-quality spraying and baking result — ultimately, ensuring a pristine product every time.

At Classic Overland, custom build Land Rovers and Defenders are our livelihood. As such, we take pride in handing over a vehicle designed to its new owners’ exact specifications. Lastly, we know our clients invest in us because we offer quality, and just the same, we invest in our clients by ensuring we have all the resources necessary to offer them their dream machine.

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