The Land Rover Defender proudly wears its signature rugged exterior, as rough as the roads it travels on. But when it comes to slipping inside, you can now create a custom Defender interior that’s luxurious and comfortable, as well as suited to your personal needs. 

At Classic Overland, it’s all about the details. We bring your Overlanding dreams to life through creating the perfect custom Defender interior. So when you step into your Land Rover, you’re always inspired to go places. We explain how we can help you make your 4×4’s interior more modern, comfortable and convenient. 

Adventuring With Your Dream Aesthetic: Luxury Leather Seats

We don’t restore Defenders so that they can blend into the parking lot. We create custom Defender interiors that are bound to make your off-road companion stand out from the crowd. And we do this by taking extra care of the little details to make all the difference. 

When it comes to creating the perfect custom Defender, we dedicate all our skills and passion for bringing your dream aesthetic to life. We restore all our Defenders’ seats with custom African leather and work to weave your heart’s desires in every detail. From sewing in bespoke leather trimming to customizing the threaded detail, we make sure your custom Defender interior looks exactly the way you envisioned. 

Off-Roading to the Perfect Soundtrack: Sound and System Upgrade

Let’s be honest. Your custom Defender interior isn’t luxurious enough until it has a quality, built-in sound system. And off-roading isn’t the same without being able to blast your favorite tunes as you take on the rocky paths of the outdoors. 

We upgrade you with high-quality, built-in speakers, paired with a Kenwood Garmin entertainment system. This system comes with a few additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and a reverse camera. 

Styled From Roof to Toe: Customized Floor Mats 

While most think that car seats are the main attraction of your 4×4’s interior, having mats with a unique color and design can add a dab of character. And even if you choose to go for the standard black mat, having it customized will serve as the perfect finish for your custom Defender interior. 

We fit most of our restored Defenders with original Land Rover floor mats. However, if you have something more specific in mind for resting your feet on, we can make it happen. 

Comfort in the Wild: Seat Configuration

We’ll be honest and say that the Defender’s interior was never originally designed with comfort in mind. As a 4×4 used for military purposes didn’t exactly prioritize the interiors. However, the Land Rover Defender has become one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market. And thanks to how easy it is to change and customize, you can configure your interior for your convenience and comfort. 

We can remove, rearrange and add seats to your Defender so you can look forward to more convenient off-road trips. Whether you want to make more space for friends and family, or need extra sleeping space when you set up camp, we can build the object of your dreams.

Keeping Your Cool: Tinted Windows

Besides just looking downright cool, there are so many benefits of tinting your windows. For those long off-road trips you take during the warmer seasons, tinted windows will keep the heat out of your car and in turn, protect your custom Defender interior from fading. This, in turn, will help with keeping your interior looking brand new for longer. 

And because there is a reduced rate of heat absorption, you can enjoy cooler drives even in the heat of summer. It enables you to go further without being affected by the sweltering weather of your off-road location. 

Create Your Custom Defender Interior With Us

We create custom Defender interiors that inspire our clients to keep hitting the road to nowhere. Restoring and customizing your Defender is just as exciting as the trips you plan on taking with it. And that’s why we build custom interiors that inspire you to get behind the wheel. With customized comfort and convenience, you and your Defender are ready to take on anything that comes your way.  

What we love most about Land Rovers is its rugged character. And we honor its signature design by keeping its original structure intact. For us, the real fun begins with bringing your dream interior to life while still staying true to the Defender’s roots. 

Contact us today, and we’ll help you create a Defender interior that’s original and speaks to your personality. 

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