As human beings, it’s in our nature to search for things, have desires and be a part of something. The Classic Overland family believes that boundaries can be broken and “Limited” is not usually a word we like to include in our vocabulary, but in this case, we’ll make an exception.

In 1990 a limited-edition, two-door classic Range Rover was released and named “CSK” in honor of the original Rover’s designer and engineer, Charles Spencer King. The logo was even done in elegant, handwritten letters representing King’s signature.

So, what’s the big deal? The reason the CSK is a true diamond in the rough is because there were only two hundred of its kind made. In the world. That’s only two hundred out of an estimated one billion cars that travel the roads of today. And we have one. The twenty-fifth one, to be exact, with the original certificate of authenticity. It’s covered in cobwebs and coated with dust, and we can’t wait to transform it back to its original state, looking exactly like it did the day it rolled onto the factory floor.

People used to search far and wide and dig for days or even months in search of gems. We have certainly hit the jackpot over night with this bombshell.

Not only did this Range Rover take Land Rover’s looks to the next level, but it necessitated going after short supplied individuality. Each model was dressed in Beluga black accompanied by chrome bumpers and both manual and automatic gear systems were available.

Range Rovers coupled luxury with the rugged and practical capabilities of a 4×4. The 3.9 litre V8 engine was fitted into this motor making it the fastest Range Rover classic of its time, in other words, the sporty version of the other models that were already on the market. It kept its off-road capabilities but succeeded in simultaneously being a road vehicle with its new speeding abilities and suspension package. Heavy loads could also be transported in the vehicles boot because of its practical build which also included an interior that could be hosed-out.

King’s instinctive sophistication was executed through the detail that was put into the more versatile and comfortable design of this classic. This included handmade leather door trims, seats and a steering wheel all in an interior that further boasted a walnut fascia rail.

Each original owner of the CSK collection was given a black wooden box that had a metal plate with etching. Along with this, they received an authenticity certificate which contained a handwritten and signed thank-you slip from none other than Charles Spencer King himself.

If this wasn’t exclusive enough, a website was created and dedicated to tracking every single CSK

Suffice it to say that getting our hands on one of these collectables with its original paperwork is an honor. The CSK is truly and effortlessly a classic style icon.


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