At Classic Overland, we don’t just built bespoke defenders based on our experience in Georgia. We do our research. Stebin recently arrived home after his expedition to South Africa, the home base of Classic Overland. He was accompanied by his childhood friend, Shannon and of course, there was business to be done. However, no African trip is complete without some soul-nourishing exploring.

First stop: The workshop in Johannesburg. Here, Stebin checked on the progress of some of our Defender builds and looked at some newly acquired inventory. Keep your eyes peeled for new, eye-popping vehicles that will be available soon.

After a few days in the concrete jungle, Stebin and Shannon were invited to visit Salsolburg. Here. they took part in a Rock Mountain Dove shoot that was set against an awe-inspiring African grey sky. The scene set the mood for the hunt and gave time away to forget about the day-to-day realities of life.

On their way to Cape Town…

The duo made a pit stop in the Northern Cape to meet with the braai wood suppliers for KUDU Grills. Harvested Acacia is their choice of wood because it is water-resistant, durable and thick. This makes it easier to withstand decay and to burn longer at a higher temperature. On the farm, they spent time in awe of some of the remaining rhino, discussing the importance of protecting these endangered animals.

Once at the Cape Town workshop, they were able to test drive the recently completed SkipJack edition. They drove down to the Cape of Good Hope and back around, ending the route along Chapman’s Peak. This is arguably the most scenic drive in the world. The road wraps itself around the Western mountainside of the South Peninsula, giving breath-taking views of the Atlantic.

The trip ended with a test drive of the Aardwolf edition in the wine country before shipping it to its new owner in Atlanta, Georgia. This gorgeous build was inspired by the glamorous Defender of the villain character in the 007 Spectre movie. In fact, it was made to match the vehicle almost exactly and will undoubtedly have heads turning. So will Shannon’s cousin, pictured above right.

From Georgia to Cape Town, we are believed to have experienced just about everything. For more information on our brand, our services or product contact us today.



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