Upland Series

Classic Overland introduces The Upland Series to its Land Rover restoration division. Combining the legacy of African Safari vehicles and the history of upland hunting found in the United States, Classic Overland has created the perfect Plantation/Ranch recreational vehicle. 5 speed manual by gear shifter V8 3.5 liter or 200 TDI Diesel Gas or Diesel by fuel Land Rover Defender 110 DETAILS GALLERY CONTACT



  • Fully refurbished exterior

  • Custom Heritage Bezel

  • Land Rover Badging

  • Rip-Stop Canvas Canopy

  • Rip-Stop Seating for 11

  • Wooden Railing Accents

  • Weatherproof Storage System

  • Drink Holders and USB Ports

  • KUDU Open Fire Grill

  • 2 Tables

  • 8 chairs

  • Premium Sound System

  • Drink Holders and USB Ports

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The open road, the endless skyline upon the horizon, the feeling of fresh air on your skin: These are just some of the sights and sensations we feel when taking a drive through the bush in the Classic Overland Upland Series. Built for adventure and a more one-on-one experience with nature, the upland series features open seating, wooden railing accents and enough storage space for your overnight camping trips. Take a look at our below gallery of photos of the upland series, then follow us on Instagram at @classicoverland to get inspired for your next adventure!



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