You’re doing it! You’re purchasing a custom rebuilt Land Rover Defender from Classic Overland — “This is big! This is exciting! This is… wait… what color will I choose?!”  

Car enthusiast or not, everyone knows that the color of a car is what makes the first impression.. But it’s more than just looks, a paint job also protects the surface of a car. 

Land Rover Defenders are a little tricky to spray, with their unique body panels and rivets, caution and precision are required to get the job done just right, which is why we have our own on-site paint and body shop.

We offer numerous color options that you can choose from, but you’re not limited by our color palette; if you have a color or hue that inspires you, we can match that too. Take a closer look at some of our most popular paint colors on our latest completed signature builds:


Green – it’s the most popular color to represent the environment, and on our Krok Signature Build, in stunning Willow Green Metallic, it looks about ready to high gear and camouflage into adventure both on land and off. Get a close-up of this green beauty here.


Are you the cool, calm, and collected type? If so, a custom-built Defender in Arles Blue is a great personality match for you. Check out our KUDU Signature Build gallery or watch a close-up video of our blue boy in action.  


A throwback to the glamorous and elegant 1950s and early 1960s where colors of pearly white and heron grey were every car owner’s dream. Our Etosha Ghost Signature Build brings old-school elegance back with a modern twist in gorgeous Porsche Chalk. Watch the Etosha Ghost in action here.


For the adrenaline junkie, the adventure seeker, and the mud runner, Air Jaws is the perfect adventure hunting machine in gorgeous Bosphorus Grey. Check out our Air Jaws Signature Build from all angles on video here.


Is subtle, classic, and sleek more your taste? Like a silk cloth floating in the wind, our Tusker Edition in gorgeous Corris Grey turns heads wherever it roams. Watch the Tusker in action here.

Inspired to get started on your Defender build? Contact Classic Overland and let’s set up a time to chat about your Defender build.

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